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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 December 2016

* Audi Cars Now Talk To Stop Lights In Vegas >>
* Arago’s AI can now beat some human players at complex civ strategy games >>
* A Smart Contact Lens for Eye Injuries >>

* X-rays show how gas ‘pillows’ make lithium-ion batteries explode >>
* Controlling a Hand Exoskeleton with Your Mind >>

* IBM’s Watson Now Fights Cybercrime in the Real World >>
* Dark Matter Map Made From Huge Galaxy Survey | Video >>
* The World Sees Me as the One Who Will Find Another Earth >>

* Cassini’s First Ring-grazing Orbit A Success >>
* Drill Glitch Brings Mars Rover Curiosity to a Halt >>
* NASA’s ‘StarTrek’ EM Drive Propulsion System –“If Valid Points to a New Physics” >>

* How a New Middleman Might Help Balance Electricity Grids >>
* Never Seen Star Wars >>
* New material could lead to erasable and rewriteable optical chip >>

* Superconducting trapped field magnets at full magnetic strength that are 3.2 times stronger than before >>
* Exascale supercomputers will be able to fully model the plasma of nuclear fusion reactors >>
* ‘Photonic Water’ Could Be Boon for Optoelectronic Applications >>

* General directional control of stratospheric balloons and creating a network of stratospheric balloon satellites >>
* China builds worlds largest diesel submarine but almost three times smaller than nuclear US Ohio and seven times smaller than nuclear Russian Typhoon >>

* UC Berkeley’s Salto Is the Most Agile Jumping Robot Ever >>
* The Mystery Of Greenland’s Icy History Could Help Us Survive Climate Change >>
* Gorgeous New Maps Show How Dramatically Our Planet’s Surface Water Is Changing >>

* Bacteria Resistant To A Last-resort Drug Showed Up On A Us Pig Farm >>
* Spy-designed Software Can Profile Business Teams To Shorten Sales Time >>
* This Self-Making Duvet Needs to Get Out of My Dreams and Onto My Bed >>

* 5 Macgyver Hacks You Should Try At Home—and 2 You Really Shouldn’t >>
* Peter Capaldi Discusses His Future on Doctor Who >>

* How the CRISPR Patent Fight Could Shape the Future of Genetic Engineering >>
* Send Files Between Devices Without Uploading to an Intermediary With Takeafile >>
* SpaceX delays its return to flight until early January >>

* The 3D-modeling software shaping Singapore’s future is straight out of a sci-fi film >>
* 2016 was supposed to be the year of VR. Instead, augmented reality ruled >>
* YouTube’s top trending videos for 2016 >>

* Magic Leap will soon test its technology in the real world >>
* Future Tech: Seventeen Microsoft Researchers On The Technology of 2017 And 2027 >>
* VR treadmill creator cancels pre-orders outside the US >>

* Scientists Turn Nuclear Waste into Diamond Batteries That’ll Last for Thousands of Years >>
* Apple will publish its AI research >>
* Engineering the Body: How Regenerative Medicine is Changing Disease >>

* Light therapy could break down Alzheimer’s brain deposits >>
* Galaxy’s rapid growth spurt may have spawned 3000 suns per year >>
* ‘I feel young again’: Why a woman injects her ovaries with blood >>

* Quantum computers ditch all the lasers for easier engineering >>
* Incredible X-rays show how lithium-ion batteries explode: Gas pillows cause the cells to swell and catch fire >>
* The spiders that can FLY: Scientists discover three new species of ghost spider traveled hundreds of miles across the Pacific Ocean using web ‘balloons’ >>

* Relationship troubles? Don’t tell your mates: Confiding in female friends makes you MORE likely to break up >>
* Google sets goal to be 100 percent green by 2017 >>
* AR Leads 7 top tech innovations of `16 >>

* NASA just spotted a massive hole growing on the surface of the sun — here’s what it means >>
* Google says coding school graduates ‘not quite prepared’ to work at Google >>

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