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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 November 2016

* Portable chlorine generator to bring safe water >>
* Neuroscientists Wirelessly Control the Brain of a Scampering Lab Mouse >>
* Diamonds convert nuclear waste into clean batteries >>

* IBM Researchers Bring AI to Radiology >>
* Paralyzed Man Regains Motor Function As A Result of Stem Cell Therapy >>
* Self Checkout and Image recognition checkout will eliminate cashiers >>

* AI predicts FUTURE: Algorithm studies images to produce a video of what might happen next >>
* New NASA Alien Planet K2-3d Discovered –“Scientists Hope Detect Extraterrestrial Life Via Molecules in Its Atmosphere” >>
* Sentinel-1 Satellites Confirm San Francisco’s Millenium Tower Is Sinking >>

* Nanotubes can turn water solid when it should be boiling >>
* MIT’s sensor network tracks your power-hungry appliances >>
* Earth-like planet is spotted 150 light years away – and it may have the right conditions to host alien life >>

* Google Is Using Its Deep Learning Tech To Diagnose Disease >>
* Lego, Crayola, and Others Imagine Autonomous Cars of 2050 in Futuristic Design Challenge >>
* Germanium Can Take Transistors Where Silicon Can’t >>

* Bad memories stick around if you sleep on them >>
* Weaponized Antibodies Use New Tricks to Fight Cancer >>
* Fusion breakthrough as researchers reveal liquid metal ‘showers’ could finally make reactors a reality >>

* We may be able to tap into our memories from infancy >>
* World’s oldest woman turns 117 >>
* Here’s What Placebos Can Heal—And What They Can’t >>

* China to invest $140 billion by 2020 to relocate 10 million poorest citizens and lift 70 million above poverty line >>
* The Robot Revolution Comes to Synthetic Biology >>
* Nvidia Xavier chip 20 trillion operations per second of deep learning performance and uses 20 watts which means 50 chips would be a petaOP at a kilowatt >>

* Google’s AI Reads Retinas to Prevent Blindness in Diabetics >>
* SF’s Transit Hack Could’ve Been Way Worse—And Cities Must Prepare >>
* Science and Buddhism Aren’t in Conflict—They’re Doing Different Things >>

* Diamonds as the ultimate semiconductors for superior sensors and power devices >>
* Nuclear Energy Startups want to make nuclear energy radically less expensive >>
* China approves $36 billion of subways and other links to reduce commutes >>

* DARPA seeks drone escort for military truck convoys to protect against enemy drones >>
* Raytheon Sets Phasers to Drone Destruction with Directed Energy Weapon Test >>
* Science Vs. Cinema: ARRIVAL >>

* NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is getting ready to skim Saturn’s rings >>
* Sit Ringside for a Rocket Launch in This Incredible New Video >>
* New ‘Species’ of Galaxy –“Faint Objects the Size of the Milky Way With 1,000 Times Fewer Stars” >>

* ‘Spectacular’ First Images And Data Released From Exomars Orbiter >>
* NASA’s Kepler Mission Reveals Our Solar System is Extremely Rare –“And We Have No Idea Why” >>
* MIT Creates AI Able to See Two Seconds Into the Future >>

* How Scientists Are Preparing For A World Without Antibiotics >>
* lobal News Network RT Shares First 360-Video Recorded in Space >>
* Get A Taste of the ‘Timeless’ TV Show’s Space Race Episode In 360 Video >>

* Why are dinosaurs everywhere in VR? >>
* Pros and cons: Our quick verdict on Google’s Daydream View >>
* Powerful Earthquake Jolted New Zealand Seabed 6 Feet Upward >>

* Watch an Air Pistol Pellet Slice the Flame of a Candle in Slow Motion >>
* Here’s a Rare Photo of Donald Trump Using a Computer >>
* So How Close Do You Live to a Nuclear Bomb? >>

* MIT and Google have reinvented the office cubicle >>
* Indians went on an iPhone buying spree after government demonetized currency >>
* Google Asked to Remove a Billion ‘Pirate’ Search Results in a Year >>

* We Now Live In The Unnatural World >>
* New Zealand is the first country to wipe out unwanted butterfly >>

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