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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 November 2016

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* Watch the Earth from the ISS observatory in a 4K 360 video >>
* Software That Can Allow Police To Create Keys To Open Your Locks >>
* Satellite to help planes avoid turbulence >>

* New technique could remove specific fears from your brain >>
* Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Are Remaking Themselves Around AI >>
* Tesla officially acquires SolarCity >>

* Google Opens Real-World ‘Google Shops’ in Canada >>
* DNA makes up only HALF of the material inside chromosomes >>
* A dash of hydrogen and methane could have kept Mars warm >>

* Dutch police use augmented reality to investigate crime scenes >>
* Google’s DeepMind AI can lip-read TV shows better than a pro >>
* New cookie machine promises hot cookies in ten minutes >>

* Telling Time in a Flash: Optical Clock Tested in Space for 1st Time >>
* NASA Confirms: ‘StarTrek’ EM-Drive Propulsion System “Appears to Work –To Mars in 70 Days” >>
* Google can now tell you how busy a place is before you arrive >>

* This tiny electronic device applied to the skin can pick up heart and speech sounds >>
* X-ray laser spots photosynthesis in real-life conditions >>
* Here’s what you’ll need to run Windows 10 VR headsets next year >>

* NABiRoS Robot Makes Us Wonder Why We All Don’t Walk Sideways >>
* NuTonomy To Test a Robotaxi in Boston >>
* Turkey shows off a prototype for a railgun as the US gets closer to fully operational railgun systems >>

* Long term drug delivery technology could aid in elimination of malaria and treatment of many other disease >>
* Teaser Trailer for Cars 3 Is Oddly Disturbing >>
* Google opens up its new product for business file sharing “Team Drives” to early adopters >>

* Follow the Robot in the Airport of the Future >>
* Why the Layover Is the New Vacation >>
* 3D Sensors To Make Your Home Smarter And Safer >>

* How to Use Google Maps to Plan an Awesome Vacation >>
* Google opens new AI lab and invests $3.4M in Montreal-based AI research >>
* Tesla starts selling cars in NZ >>

* ‘Arrival’, AI and Alien Math: Q&A with Stephen Wolfram >>
* US B-21 stealth bomber will double down on improved stealth technologies to beat Russia and China’s antistealth systems >>
* Modular Exoskeleton reduces muscle force need for hard labor by 2.5 times, workplace version available now and medical version in early 2018 >>

* Bigelow Aerospace CEO calls for doubling of NASA budget to 1% of federal budget >>
* 593-Foot Free Throw Might Be the Greatest Basketball Shot Ever Made >>
* Brilliant Mod Makes Smartwatches Actually Useful >>

* Ava gives the deaf and hard-of-hearing a more present voice in group conversations >>
* Making Movies With Windows 10 >>
* Watch the Entire Bee Movie, Except Every Time They Say ‘Bee’ It Gets Faster >>

* Why stories about aliens are always stories about humanity >>
* Google will tell you how crowded your favorite bar is in real time >>
* 4K Netflix arrives on Windows 10, but probably not for your PC >>

* Microsoft uses HoloLens for the first mixed reality Mannequin Challenge >>

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