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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 November 2016

* AI can now tell if you’re a criminal or not >>
* Is alien life EVERYWHERE? Radical theory claims it may have become part of ‘the fabric of the universe’ >>
* Google debuts a new spin on an old boredom-killer >>

* Bigelow Calls on Trump to Sharply Increase NASA Spending >>
* Dino-Killing Asteroid May Have Punctured Earth’s Crust >>
* The Coming Jobs War >>

* New era of ‘cut and paste’ humans close as man injected with genetically-edited blood >>
* New super-Earth is discovered nearby: Exoplanet is found orbiting a star 33 light years away >>

* Wireless Brain Implant Allows “Locked-In” Woman to Communicate >>
* With an Eye on Hunger, Scientists See Promise in Genetic Tinkering of Plants >>
* Dinosaur-killing asteroid turned planet Earth inside-out >>

* New unique brain ‘fingerprint’ method can identify a person with nearly 100% accuracy >>
* Feeding Seaweed To Cows Eliminates Methane Emissions >>

* Gillmor Gang: Real News >>
* Want to Understand AI? Try Sketching a Duck for a Neural Network >>
* World’s First Photonic Neural Network Unveiled >>

* Chimpanzee Wearing a VR Headset Should Make You Very Uncomfortable >>
* AI gives porn peddlers a helping hand >>
* This printer can do something incredible with a cup of coffee >>

* How to Hold Algorithms Accountable >>
* Elon Musk Says His Smart Solar Roof Could Cost Less Than Your Dumbass Regular Roof >>
* Is Google’s AI-Driven Image-Resizing Algorithm Dishonest? >>

* CRISPR gene editing will be used in living humans to counter aggressive lung cancer >>
* Superearth of 5.4 earth masses found around dwarf star 32 light years away and detection instrument is being improved ten times >>
* DARPA ordering a second large ship launched drone aircraft that will make destroyers and frigates into mini-aircraft carriers >>

* A swab from the surface of your smartphone can tell scientists all about your lifestyle >>
* How-predictive-ai-will-change-shopping how-predictive-ai-will-change-shopping >>
* ‘Neuromorphic’ chip modeled after the human brain aims to bring smarts to computers >>

* Inside Sansar, the VR successor to Second Life >>
* Dark Matter and Dark Energy — “Could Signal the Presence of a Vastly Advanced Billion-Years-Old Alien Intelligence” >>
* Saturday Blastoff Of Goes-r Set To Deliver Quantum Leap In Weather Forecasting >>

* Colonizing The Inner Solar System >>
* The UFC’s 4K Truck Is a Symphony of Pixels and Punches >>
* NOAA’s Newest Satellite Will Soon Deliver Hi-Res Weather >>

* Paint 3D is now a part of the Microsoft’s Creators Update test build >>
* Would Humans Be Smarter If We Had Bigger Brains? >>
* Microsoft’s Paint 3D app arrives on Windows 10 preview >>

* Google’s DeepMind AI gets a few new tricks to learn faster >>
* Listen makes phone numbers smarter with auto-responders, muting, reminders and more >>
* Is This Hydrofoiling Superyacht Concept The Wave Of The Future? >>

* Russia near to launching hypersonic missile on top of RS-38 ICBM >>
* Planetary Resources And The Government Of Luxembourg Announce €25 Million Investment and target 2020 asteroid mining mission >>
* India is the worlds fourth largest military spender but over half is going to waste, inefficiency, corruption and bad purchases >>

* Nanoantenna Changes Direction of Light and the Prospects of Optical Computing >>
* Final version of NASA EMdrive paper confirms 1.2 millinewtons per kw of thrust which is 300 times better than other zero propellent propulsion >>
* Video Friday: Self-Racing Cars, Robot Grumpy Cat, and Where’s Keepon? >>

* A Blockchain Currency That Beats Bitcoin On Privacy >>
* For Precise Hand Tracking in Virtual Reality, Start With a Magnetic Field >>
* DARPA extends surface submarine hunting drone tests >>

* Tiny WiFi radio could get us closer to Internet of Things >>
* Where Is Human Evolution Taking Us? >>
* Solar Superstorms, Illustrated >>

* Electronic Ice and an App for Sore Muscles >>
* HUMANS Season 2: Waking Up >>
* Where fixed wing aircraft cannot fly and helicopters cannot land new fancraft can robotically fly >>

* Intel lays out its AI strategy until 2020 >>
* Scientists Discovered a Mind-Boggling Chasm on Mercury >>
* The New Stargate Movies Are Probably Not Happening >>

* Zuckerberg reveals plans to address misinformation on Facebook >>
* Tesla self-driving demo shows you what the car sees >>
* Intel’s 4004 Microprocessor Turns 45 >>

* Elon Musk shows how Tesla self-driving cars will be fun and easy >>
* The tech that will feed the world >>
* Trump Adviser Takes Stake in China Ride-Sharing Company >>

* With PowerAI, IBM Will Likely Accelerate Enterprise AI Trial And Adoption #SC16 >>
* Why Do Processors Have Such Complicated Names? >>
* Oculus is giving away its mesmerizing VR painting tool, Quill >>

* Dinosaur-killing asteroid turned planet Earth inside-out >>
* How data science and rocket science will get humans to Mars >>

* Only the costs of the Space Launch System are going to the moon >>
* How And Why The Media Failed The Public >>
* Why Automation Won’t Displace Human Workers >>

* Physicists Uncover Strange Numbers in Particle Collisions >>
* Totem’s poles to power electric car charging in smart cities >>
* This device wants to stop distracted driving >>

* Smartphone-Bound VR/AR to Be Boosted by Lasers >>
* Yoga is relatively safe, but know your limits >>
* The Emotion Which Lasts 240 Times Longer Than Others >>

* AirSelfie, a pocket-sized camera drone, launches on Kickstarter >>

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