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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 November 2016

* SpaceX wants to launch 4,425 internet satellites >>
* This Star Is the Roundest Celestial Object Ever Measured >>
* This Pill Delivers Medication Days Or Weeks After It’s Swallowed >>

* Google’s neural network learns to translate languages it hasn’t been trained on >>
* Eero’s WiFi system adds Alexa commands >>
* Soon you could ‘like’ a photo with a SMILE: Facebook buys facial recognition firm to compete with Snapchat >>

* End of the daily pill as scientists find way to administer dose that lasts for weeks >>
* Future of work: Internet-connected overalls >>
* I Used Only My Mind to Fly a Plane Around Seattle >>

* Electron ‘Superhighway’ Traveling at Speed of Light Discovered Just Outside Earth’s Magnetic Field >>
* New Theory Of Gravity Does Away With Need For Dark Matter >>
* This new drug promises fewer days a month with migraines >>

* Pluto Has A Subsurface ‘antifreeze’ Ocean >>
* Supercluster of Galaxies Discovered Hidden Behind the Milky Way –“One of the Most Massive Structures in the Universe” >>
* Bill Gates has partnered with a perfume company to create the ultimate poop smell blocker >>

* Soft Acoustic Sensors Could Monitor Hearts, Recognize Speech >>
* Meet BALLU, UCLA’s Humanoid Blimp Robot >>
* Life Would Be So Much Better If Drone-Powered Hammocks Were Real >>

* HIV breakthrough as scientists discover antibody that neutralizes 98% strains of the virus >>
* Smart skin patch listens to your body sounds, from heart to gut >>
* Coke introduces new ‘selfie bottle’ >>

* Australia developing low cost hypersonic second stage for small satellite launches >>
* Tactical Haptics Puts Real Force Feedback in a Handheld VR Controller >>

* Private Space Stations in 2020, large multi-module stations 100+ people by 2030 >>
* Smarter bots are coming to Facebook, Google and Amazon assistants >>
* Even faster charging tech will juice phones from 0 to 50% in 15 minutes >>

* Google offers a wifi mesh of three routers for fast coverage of McMansions >>
* Freaky Expanding Pill Stays in Your Gut for Days to Deliver Drugs >>
* Teasing Details About the New Cast of Star Wars: Episode VIII >>

* This $5 Device Can Take Over a Computer—Even If It’s Locked >>
* So About That Woman Who Got Pregnant Twice in Ten Days >>
* Google’s A-Team Architects Will Shape Its New London HQ >>

* Stephen Hawking: We might have 1,000 years left on Earth >>
* Google Launches Earth VR For Free On HTC Vive >>
* Intel’s drones will draw Disney animations in the sky >>

* ‘Die’ in a drunk-driving accident, via a terrifying VR experience >>
* You’ll now be able to play ‘Mario’ on your iPhone >>

* I tried Microsoft’s new $3,000 Surface Studio PC and it was awesome >>
* SAND’S END; Miami Beach has run out of sand. Now what? >>
* Your Life Will Be A Video Game >>

* Cockroach Robot Flips Itself With Insect-Inspired Wings >>
* Elon Musk Spacex shares are worth $8.1 billion >>
* Novel approach for precision medicine and drug discovery on gene expression data >>

* A mysterious radio burst is helping astronomers probe the structure of the Universe >>

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