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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 November 2016

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* CRISPR gene-editing tested in a person for the first time >>
* Korea unveils door-to-door self-driving taxi >>
* Scientists have rejuvenated old mice with the blood of human teenagers >>

* Google Earth VR — Bringing the whole wide world to virtual reality >>
* An AI project can tell you when the cow goes “Moo” >>
* “Nanocars” Gear Up for World’s Most Amazing Molecular Race >>

* Electric fields can stimulate deep in your brain without surgery >>
* “Back to the Future” Serves as Inspiration for Clothing With a Solar-Powered Battery >>
* This Robot Can Fly a Plane from Takeoff to Landing >>

* NASA’s Chief Scientist explains how the first humans on Mars will breathe >>
* New AI algorithm taught by humans learns beyond its training >>
* This $5 Device Can Hack Your Locked Computer In One Minute >>

* Amazon App for iPhone Now Has X-Ray Vision to See Inside Your Packages >>
* What a Visit to an AI-Enabled Hospital Might Look Like >>
* Clue: Star Wars Edition Has You Figuring Out How to Safely Escape a 3D Death Star >>

* Google’s AI Experiments help you understand neural networks by playing with them >>
* Scientists Map Yellowstone Supervolcano: Last Massive Eruption was 630,000 Years Ago >>
* How Recycled Astronaut Pee Boosts Chances for Future Deep-Space Travel >>

* A New Prototype Telescope Proves Itself Worthy >>
* Awesome NASA Megarocket Engine Test Burns Blue (Photo) >>
* Building a Better Grid Backup >>

* Programmable Millimeter-Wave Mirror Makes VR Wireless >>
* World’s First 5G-Connected Cars Demo’d in Korea >>
* Test of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) of the brain shows improved multitasking performance >>

* Google forms artificial intelligence group for Google Cloud >>
* Overuse and misuse of antibiotics leading to rise of resistant strains of pathogenic bacteria >>
* Google Earth VR May Be The Best Way To Explore The World Without A Plane Ticket >>

* Introducing a smarter and more beautiful Google Play Newsstand >>
* Cutting Through The Machine Learning Hype >>
* UFO houseboat is your dream home >>

* Google Translate is tapping into neural networks for smarter language learning >>
* 3D-printed ‘super bike’ could be a bigger deal than you think >>
* Google Earth brings its breathtaking views into VR >>

* Google AI experiments help you appreciate neural networks >>
* Todoist uses AI to suggest deadlines for your tasks >>
* Pizza delivered by drone? It’s been done for real in New Zealand >>

* AI-powered virtual assistant, Mezi, pivots to focus on travel >>
* Engadget presents the Best of CES 2017! >>
* Making a ‘mesh’ of your Wi-Fi >>

* The fuel-free EmDrive ‘is NOT impossible’, leading experts admit >>
* Now steps in real world pay off in virtual game world >>
* CRISPR Gene-Editing Tested in a Person for the First Time >>

* Google’s AI Game Can Guess What You Are Drawing >>
* The ‘trickiest’ part of Elon Musk’s Mars spaceship — a giant black orb — just passed a critical test >>
* The supercar we’ve all been waiting for is here — the next McLaren F1 >>

* When We Find Intelligent Aliens, They Will Be Machines >>
* Your Life Will Be A Video Game >>

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