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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 November 2016

* Imaging Planets Around Alpha Centauri Is Aim Of New Telescope | Video >>
* This simple optoelectronic computer could one day outperform supercomputers for complex problems >>
* Quantum computers can talk to each other via a photon translator >>

* Superagers with amazing memories have Alzheimer’s brain plaques >>
* Google Play will suggest music based on location, activity and weather >>
* Molecules found on phones reveal lifestyle secrets >>

* Your phone camera might soon help to identify skin cancer >>
* Alaska Airlines Just Flew Across The Country Using Wood Chips >>
* Chernobyl’s Gigantic Radiation Shield Is Now Being Moved Into Place >>

* 2016 Is Going To Be The Hottest Year On Record >>
* Netgear adds an LTE option to its Arlo security camera line >>
* Hustle is the grassroots personalized mass-texting tool we need >>

* NVIDIA helps the US build an AI for cancer research >>
* Nike’s self-lacing shoes are coming soon, priced at $720 >>
* Bacteria with ‘thermostats’ could bring drugs to your gut >>

* NASA Leaks: Warp Drive a Reality? –“Can Defy Newtonian Physics to Travel to the Stars in Weeks or Months” >>
* Quantum Physicists Probe Fabric of Spacetime to Solve Mystery of Dark Energy >>
* Electronic E.T.: Intelligent Aliens Are Likely Machines >>

* EU Project Developing Symbiotic Robot-Plant Biohybrids >>
* Boom Technology shows full sized engineering mockup of its XB-1 Supersonic demonstrator >>
* Cold Weather Delayed over North America >>

* The Fuzzy Future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality >>
* A good space policy would be to start accessing space minerals and power within eight years >>
* Pro-military analysts are happy Trump is talking about a 350 ship US Navy >>

* Asia supergrid could transmit renewable electrical power or low cost power from coal plants >>
* Sampling the Atmosphere of Europa can provide insight into the composition of ocean beneath the miles of ice and signs of potential life if it exists >>
* James Gunn on the Fox/Marvel Deal for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 >>

* Check Out These Ridiculous Presidential Plane And Limo Designs Fit For President-Elect Trump >>
* Project Blue: Imaging Alpha Centauri Planets >>

* Mars’ Mega-Drought Revealed in Meteorite Rust >>
* “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” – Graphic Novel Series Comes To Big Screen | Trailer >>
* Scientists dive inside ‘weird looking’ Mars funnel for the first time >>

* Microsoft, Nvidia work to speed up AI platform powering Cortana >>
* 2016 World Changing Ideas >>
* Is YOUR phone safe? 700 million Android handsets may be secretly sending users’ texts to China every 72 hours >>

* Meet ‘Baby Boom’: Richard Branson-backed mini-concorde that can fly from London to New York in 3.5 hours is unveiled >>
* The ‘invisible’ Milky Way: Interactive map lets you explore our galaxy with superhuman vision >>

* Google’s app wants to do the scanning for you >>
* Why this smart oven is exciting but a bit half-baked >>
* The Texas A&M Gymnastics Team’s Mannequin Challenge Is Absurd >>

* Watch The Full ’60 Minutes’ Interview With President-Elect Donald Trump >>
* Toni Bou Can Do Some Unreal Things On A Trials Bike >>
* Super Mario Run is launching on December 15th for $9.99 >>

* Humanity And Ai Will Be Inseparable >>
* For the first time ever, a patient will fight lung cancer with CRISPR-edited cells >>
* Apple working on Google Glass-style AR glasses, says report >>

* Google’s new Wifi mesh routers are now available for preorder >>
* Google’s self-driving cars can now perform tricky three-point turns – and they do it BETTER than humans >>

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