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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 November 2016

* Scientists can directly observe alien planets with a new tool >>
* The end of silicone? IBM is creating ‘carbon chips’ that can make computers 1,000 times faster >>

* The ‘Trump trade’ is shaking up markets around the globe >>
* Trump reportedly stumped by how West Wing works >>

* Identifying skin cancer with computer vision >>
* Cazza Construction Technologies is Ready to Populate the World With 3D Printed Smart Cities >>
* Your Choice of Starships >>

* Supermassive Black-Hole Jet Collides With Interstellar Clouds –“Beams Through Host Galaxy For 500,000 Years” >>
* China and United States Tied for Number of Top Supercomputers >>
* DARPA Advanced Radioactive Threat Detection System Completes First Large-Scale Citywide Test >>

* Flexible , Portable Terahertz Scanner Made From Carbon Nanotubes >>
* This Smart Watch Will Charge Itself Using Heat From Your Skin >>
* Semiconductor-free microelectronics using metamaterials: faster, can handle more power >>

* How To Conduct Human Drug Trials Without Needing Any Pesky Humans >>
* The New Beauty and the Beast Trailer Is Filled With Magical Splendor >>

* Google’s self-driving cars are naturals when it comes to three-point turns >>
* ‘The Martian’ VR experience comes home >>
* You Can Sign Out of Skype Remotely >>

* Researchers create synthetic cells to isolate genetic circuits >>
* MIT is trying to crack wireless VR, too >>
* Survive on Mars in VR on HTC Vive and PSVR starting November 15 >>

* Lightning strikes seen from space could soon make weather forecasts a lot more accurate >>
* Trauma affects brains of boys and girls in opposite ways >>

* Spacecraft could taste Europa’s sea by sampling its atmosphere >>
* What Salamanders Are Teaching Scientists about How to Regrow Tissue [Video] >>
* New Zealand’s latest earthquake could trigger a mega-quake >>

* These underwear aim to block radiation >>
* Your Milk May Soon Come From Cows That Can Text >>
* Can NATO Survive a Donald Trump Presidency? >>

* What Donald Trump’s Staff Picks Mean >>
* Samsung is looking into ‘holograms’ for future TV tech >>
* Trump goes on a tweetstorm less than 48 hours after promising to be more ‘restrained’ on Twitter >>

* Samsung is buying connected car company Harman for $8 billion >>
* Princeton Team Directly Observes Planets Around Nearby Stars >>
* World’s ‘smallest magnifying glass’ makes it possible to see individual chemical bonds between atoms >>

* Full-color 3D meta-holography with a single nanostructured layer >>
* VR Sales Analysis: Rift and Vive to Sell Under 500,000 in 2016, PS VR to Top 2 Million >>
* ‘Recon’ Is A VR Teaser For ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ >>

* China threatens to cut iPhone sales if Trump declares a trade war >>
* HBO has renewed Westworld for a second season >>
* The Anti-Snore Wearable is a very literally named product >>

* New trailers: Rogue One, Valerian, Slenderman, and more >>
* Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 November 2016 >>

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