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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 November 2016

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* Adobe’s ‘Photoshop For Audio’ Is Unbelievable >>
* Solution To Dark Matter Proposes That Gravity Is An Illusion >>
* The Sleep With Me Podcast Tells Awesome, Boring Bedtime Stories to Help You Fall Asleep >>

* Study suggests a half-billion gesture-tracking devices by 2021 >>
* Learning is the work of the future >>
* Scientists built a chip without semiconductors >>

* Facebook speeds up its data center network with the launch of its Backpack switch platform >>
* Smart cars just aren’t ready for the car wash >>

* Hilary mason on the impact of ai technologies >>
* Samsung Galaxy owners can print from their phone with ease >>
* Genealogy service’s DNA test helps you find your roots >>

* Facebook Manages to Squeeze an AI Into Its Mobile App >>
* Shining light on Facebook’s AI strategy >>

* 3D-printed satellite launcher heads to ISS >>
* Samsung Patents reveal a new Foldable Smartphone Mechanism and a new Scrollable TV >>
* Innovation a Priority for New NASA Science Chief >>

* Australian Telescope Joins $100 Million Search for Alien Life >>
* Radical New Theory of Gravity –“An Emergent Phenomenon, Not a Fundamental Force of the Universe” >>
* How Did the Milky Way Get Its Name? >>

* Next Job for X-37B Military Space Plane: Astronaut Ambulance? >>
* The Big Picture; Election Day 2016 >>

* US Army testing improved lower cost super-bazooka >>
* US Air Force testing electrical brain stimulation to boost alertness and reduce stress of drone and fighter pilots and found a 30% boost in performance >>
* Air Force wants next generation fighter to be operational by 2025-2029 >>

* China developing military power projection capabilities >>
* Multiwall carbon nanotubes are fused under high pressure to create an ultrastrong material >>
* NXP Robotic Truck Platooning Will have a Benchmark of 30 Times Faster than Human Reaction Time >>

* Controversial Propellentless EmDrive is said to be undergoing tests in space on the Tiangong-2 station and US Air Force X-37B plane >>
* Can Synthetic Inertia from Wind Power Stabilize Grids? >>
* Venezuela is a failing state where basic provision of food and medical care have failed >>

* The 10 Greatest Automotive Innovations Of 2016 >>
* Disturbing Images Show the Extent of Delhi’s Extreme Pollution Emergency >>
* Come Look At China’s Coolest New Missiles >>

* Heroic Plants Are Working Overtime to Gobble Up Our Carbon Emissions >>
* Ridiculously Large Sinkhole Gobbles Up Five-Lane Road in Southern Japanese City >>
* Satellite Captures a Surprising Impact of Offshore Wind Farms >>

* What It’s Like to Mountain Bike Through One of Mexico’s Most Treacherous Cities >>
* More Major Game of Thrones Rumors Tease Yet Another Huge Moment for the Show >>
* Surfing and BASE Jumping Off a Zip Line Is Something I’ve Never Seen Before >>

* If There Is Life Elsewhere In The Universe, Is It More Advanced Than We Are? >>
* How the Bot-y Politic Influenced This Election >>

* Tech Tools for Election Day >>
* Google launches its Cloud Platform region in Tokyo >>
* California’s Prop 60 would make it legal to harass porn stars >>

* Oral arguments for who owns CRISPR-Cas9 start next month >>
* As Tesla Grows Up, It Gives Up on Free Charging >>

* Diamonds could be building blocks for quantum computers >>
* How Do We Measure The Speed Of Light? >>
* Luma’s WiFi system gets Alexa integration >>

* This crazy $30,000 drone gives your 360° video wings >>
* Hungry baby bugs left clues to dino mass extinction >>
* How humans took over the world: Stunning animation reveals how the world’s population has grown to 7.2 BILLION >>

* The end of jet lag? Discovery of gene that is key to setting sleep cycles >>
* Artificial intelligence the next ‘big bet’ for online retailers, say bosses >>

* This Bill Gates-backed startup says it just knocked down one of the last things stopping drones from taking over the world >>
* Antibody Treatment Shields Fetus From Zika in Mice >>
This is what it’d be like to ride in the Hyperloop >>

* Edit VR Video Without Removing Your Headset With Adobe’s CloverVR >>
* Get Closer To ‘Planet Earth 2’ With New 360 Degree Mini-Series >>

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