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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 November 2016

* How Algorithms Could Help Keep People Out of Jail >>
* Neuroscience review reframes ‘mind-wandering’ and mental illness >>
* Ageing apes need reading glasses too >>

* Lost Nuke May Have Been Found Off Canada Coast >>
* The US Navy’s New Warship Gun Costs $800,000 to Fire >>
* Shell oil predicts world oil demand will peak in as little as 5-15 years >>

* YouTube now streams HDR content >>
* Alcohol fools the brain into thinking it is releasing chemicals that calm us down >>

* Scientists: The Future Is Shit >>
* Samsung to Launch AI Assistant on New Phone That Definitely Won’t Explode >>
* With 12K engineers screened, Triplebyte says its skills-based recruiting platform is working >>

* Google will display election results as soon as polls close >>
* Do You Have ‘Election Stress Disorder’? (It’s A Real Thing) >>
* Would you let an algorithm choose the next U.S. president? >>

* Today’s “Moment of Zen” –Live from the International Space Station >>
* Risk Mitigation for Advanced Civilizations >>
* Arpa-E’s Grid Battery Moonshot >>

* Driverless-vehicle options now include scooters >>
* Google brings Android Auto to the phone >>
* New app for HoloLens targets architects >>

* Researchers hack Philips Hue smart bulbs from the sky >>
* Measuring Your Employees’ Invisible Forms of Influence >>
* Mini-nuclear plants could create 40,000 jobs and trigger export bonanza, says Rolls-Royce >>

* Optical laser computing Could Power Up Genomics and AI and Optalysys targets one petaflop next year >>
* Millimeter Waves Travel More Than 10 Kilometers in Rural Virginia 5G Experiment >>

* Steve Ballmer Says Smartphones Came Between Him and Bill Gates >>
* Samsung Plans To Give Galaxy S8 An AI Digital Assistant >>
* Google snaps up the creators of a game-focused Android emulator >>

* First Color Images Produced By an Electron Microscope >>
* This drone looks like a bird, and your cat will go nuts over it >>
* Baby born four months early finally goes home >>

* The world’s first levitating pneumatic Hyperloop system will be tested next >>
* New antimicrobial peptide kills strains resistant to existing antibiotics >>
* Printable Organs Will Put an End to Transplant Lists >>

* A super-high-resolution snapshot of RNA folding >>
* AI isn’t coming for our jobs, it’s coming for our planet and will one day ‘colonise the galaxy’ >>
* How should voters weigh the sins of these two uniquely corrupt candidates? >>

* What Tesla’s new Gigafactory means for electric vehicles >>
* Metallic hydrogen is metastable could be used as superlightweight structural material for floating cities >>
* Grumman Laser Beam Control System for Next-Generation Fighter will begin testing by 2019 >>

* NASA Keeps a Secret: VIDEO on Completion of the World’s Largest Space Telescope –“Blurs Segment On Its Golden Mirror” >>
* New Alzheimers Drug successfully targeting plaques >>
* Enabling the Digital Revolution: SDN and Beyond >>

* Spacex Finally Knows What Caused Its Falcon 9 Rocket To Explode >>
* Interactive Periodic Table Reveals Exactly How We Use All Those Elements >>
* All the World Has Been Waiting For the Wonder Woman Trailer Mashed Up With the ’70s TV Show Theme >>

* The 9 Most Important Security Innovations Of The Year >>
* Another Major Comics Character Is Finally Coming to Supergirl >>
* Google’s New Hardware Strategy: Actually Make Money >>

* Record hot year may be new normal by 2025 >>
* How Do Bonobos and Chimpanzees Talk to One Another? >>
* What your home will look like when you live on Mars >>

* New Superbug Candida Auris A Serious Health Threat, First Cases Detected In The U.S. >>
* Some Of The Deepest & Sharpest Shots Of The Moon From Earth >>
* Why The Heck Do Animals Live In Our Houses? >>

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