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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 November 2016

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* Finally, at long last, someone hacked Amazon’s Alexa into one of those singing fish >>
* Scientists find key protein for spinal cord repair in zebrafish >>

* Aerion and Boom are leading the supersonic business jet race and both target 2023 >>
* Topological Insulators Move a Step Closer to Computing Uses >>

* Bringing Eyes to the Internet of Things >>
* The Challenges for Tesla’s Solar Roofs >>
* Mysterious “Pinging” Sound Detected Coming from Seafloor of Remote Canadian Territory –“Wildlife has Vanished” >>

* How NASA and FEMA Would Respond to an Asteroid Threat >>
* Space Laser to Help Robots ‘Sniff Out’ Alien Life >>
* A super-high-resolution snapshot of RNA folding >>

* Researchers created solid metallic hydrogen in lab – could be fantastic if properties are as predicted >>
* Self-Drive Delivery Van Can Be ‘Built in Four Hours’ >>

* This Navy-funded drone is at home in sea and sky >>
* ‘The Simpsons’ Signs Renewal Deal For The Record Books >>
* New Drug First Major Breakthrough for Alzheimer’s in the Past Decade >>

* Sunflower Labs to build a flying home security system >>
* Will you let Google Home into your home? >>
* 2.8 million Samsung washing machines recalled due to explosions >>

* In The Future, You Might Insulate Your Home With Chicken Feathers >>
* Smart oven designed with one purpose: baking you warm, fresh cookies >>
* MIT and NASA’s flexible wing could be the future of aviation >>

* Google will soon let app developers offer incentivized pricing >>
* The Internet Of Things Is Disrupting Marketing Attribution, And Marketing ROI Will Never Be The Same Again >>
* Reading Neandertal Minds >>

* Researchers reveal radical system to turn sewage into oil >>
* Elon Musk predicts robots will take so many jobs from people governments will be forced to pay everyone a basic wage >>
* The drone that can create a perfect 3D map of any town – and could radically improve its wifi >>

* Brain ‘reads’ sentence same way in 2 languages >>
* China’s experimental nuclear fusion tokamak achieves improved plasma confinement >>
* Nanostructred Transistor Enables Glucose Sensing Contact Lens >>

* Scientists may have made consciousness more mysterious than necessary >>
* The Northern Lights Look Absolutely Breathtaking in This Timelapse Video >>
* Get Ready for the Supermoon of a Lifetime >>

* A Dreaded Superbug Has Officially Arrived in the United States >>
* Laser-eyed Device Could Speed Up Nasa’s Search For Life On Mars >>
* Password Managers Just Got A Lot More Accessible >>

* Make 3D Printing Your New Hobby For Just $167 >>
* A Very Techie Chat About Our New Roommate, Alexa >>
* China’s New Fleet Of Drones: Airshow Displays The Future Of Chinese Warbots And Swarms >>

* Back to the Future II Screenwriter Bummed Out the Movie’s ‘Cubs Win’ Joke No Longer Works >>
* Scifi Short ‘Augmented’ Hides Its Actual Story in Between the Lines >>
* Everything About the Wonder Woman Movie We Figured Out From the Trailer >>

* Elon Musk thinks the future of work is no work, thanks to automation >>
* Chevy starts manufacturing the Bolt >>
* New Software Remembers Everything Your Computer Has Ever Displayed >>

* The Game Awards Are Broadcasting In VR >>
* Welcome to the hardtech era >>
* How AI (Artificial Intelligence) Creates A Better Customer Service Experience >>

* Elon Musk Says SpaceX Rocket Launches Might Resume Next Month >>
* Watch a drone hack a room full of smart lightbulbs from outside the window >>
* People Will Still Power An Ai Workforce >>

* Spacex’s Fueling Process Makes Nasa Queasy >>
* Monster Meteorite Found In Texas >>
* China Unveils World’s Most Life-Like Robots –“Indistinguishable from Humans” >>

* Tesla gigafactory will be doubled in size to produce 1 million cars per year >>
* IF batteries become two times cheaper over 7 years and 120 Gigabattery factories are made then combustion engine cars are replaced and Tesla is worth 50 times more than today >>
* Video Friday: Rescue Robot, Gesture Control, and 1986 Self-Driving Van >>

* Robotics and automation will reduce mining employment by about 50% by 2030 >>
* Can A Wrist-Wearable ECG Monitor Track Your Emotions? >>
* Luxembourg Invests €25 million in Asteroid Mining >>

* Nokia Reaches 1Tbps Data Transfer Speed, 1,000 Times Faster Than Google Fiber >>
* A New Focus for the IEET >>
* U.S. Hints ‘Swarming’ Tech, More Advanced Missile System Will Hit Land And Sea Targets >>

* The shape changing wing that could revolutionise air travel
* Stem Cell ‘Patches’ Could Help to Fix Injured Hearts >>

* Physicist demonstrate existence of ‘unlikely’ new subatomic structure >>
* Future medical breakthroughs may come from an unexpected industry >>

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