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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 November 2016

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* These Bionic Plants Can Detect Deadly Land Mines >>
* A Chain-Smoking Robot Isn’t Just Hilarious—It’s a Big Deal >>
* Physicists have achieved superconductivity in a non-superconductive material >>

* Tiny Bubbles and Force Fields: Feeling the Virtual World With Ultrasound >>
* Gut health startup uBiome raised $22 million and is launching a DNA test for your poop >>
* New MIT technique reveals the basis for machine-learning systems’ hidden decisions >>

* Surgical robots are ‘virtually impossible to clean’, study reveals >>
* Toyota will test keyless car sharing >>
* NASA ‘Scout’ system detects asteroids barreling towards Earth >>

* The Secret to Small Drone Obstacle Avoidance Is to Just Crash Into Stuff >>
* China’s New 25 ton capacity Long March 5 rocket is on the launch pad and ready for November launch >>
* New materials and technology will make a new supersonic passenger jet four times cheaper than the Concorde >>

* The first Google Tango phone launches with over 35 new apps >>
* Elon Musk says beautiful solar roofs are the key to sustainable future >>
* Piccolissimo joins the ranks of ultra-tiny flying robots >>

* Sand Wars – China and developing countries need tens of billions tons of sand for urbanization and economic growth >>
* US Navy is pushing to create squadron of underwater drones by 2019 >>
* The New Worlds 2016 Space Conference >>

* Breakthrough Work Advances Path for Nanoscale Spin-Wave Majority Gates >>
* Today’s Artificial Intelligence Does Not Justify Basic Income >>
* Optical Microtags to Safeguard Drugs >>

* The 7 Greatest Software Innovations Of The Year >>
* Curiosity Just Found a Freaky Metal Meteorite on Mars >>
* Broca and Wernicke are dead – it’s time to rewrite the neurobiology of language >>

* Internet Of Things (IoT): 2017 Predictions From Forrester >>
* Artificial Intelligence: Closing The Gap Between Data And Understanding >>
* New Details on Luke Skywalker’s Appearance in Episode VIII >>

* Virgin Galactic Postpones 1st Glide Test with New SpaceShipTwo >>
* Mark Zuckerberg Is Funding a Facebook for Human Cells >>
* Untangling the Effects of the ‘Big Whack’ >>

* NASA Reveals Dazzling Blue Alien Planet With “Rains of Terror” and Wind at Seven Times the Speed of Sound >>
* Monster Chinese Telescope to Join Tabby’s Star Alien Hunt >>

* Space Zen: This Space Station Fly-Through is Supremely Serene >>
* Let’s Make TB History >>
* Entering the era of Anti-aging medicine >>

* Carbon-nanotube-enhanced plants send an alert if they detect explosives >>
* It’s Now (Temporarily) Legal to Hack Your Own Car >>
* China shows J20 stealth fighter and AG-600 seaplane at Airshow >>

* Wireless Dead Spots Got You Down? WiFi Mesh Routers Like Netgear’s Orbi Eliminate Them >>
* The Next President Will Face a Cybercrisis Within 100 Days, Predicts Report >>
* Plants ‘see’ underground by channelling light to their roots >>

* Wiring diagrams might let biologists ‘rewire’ brains >>
* Watch the robo-valet in action >>
* Facebook Could Be Associated With a Longer Life, Study Finds >>

* Is the recent merger mania a bad sign for stocks? >>
* Now Facebook plans to eat the $500 billion telecom equipment market >>
* The first Google Tango phone delivers true augmented reality gaming >>

* First Click: Microsoft is delivering on its vision of the future >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 November 2016

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* Nanobionic spinach plants can detect explosives >>
* Honda’s new AI lab to centralize its efforts to commercialize the tech in Tokyo >>
* Driverless Cars Will be a Social Rather Than Technological Revolution >>

* Mark Zuckerberg Is Funding a Facebook for Human Cells >>
* The First Trailer for Life Promises a Tense Scifi Horror Story >>
* Microsoft open sources its next-gen cloud hardware design >>

* New Details on a Major Battle In Game of Thrones’ Next Season >>
* RC Stunt Chopper Defies the Laws of Physics >>
* Microbes Will Be Essential For Human Survival On Mars >>

* Apple’s New Campus Is Suddenly Enormous >>
* Watch This Guy Surf Through New York City in a Brilliant Silver Surfer Costume >>
* The 12 Most Important Health Innovations Of The Year >>

* Language Learning Of The Future >>
* The 11 Greatest Gadgets Of 2016 >>
* Entire Town Leveled As Yet Another Massive Earthquake Hits Italy >>

* Nanodrums near the quantum limit can be used for data encryption >>
* “Universe is Dominated by Dark Energy” –“Wrong!” Say Oxford Scientists in Challenge to the Standard Model of Cosmology. >>
* Uranus: New Work from Voyager Data >>

* Microsoft PowerApps and Flow to be generally available November 1 >>
* More info on Microsoft’s partner VR headsets coming in December >>
* TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb LB120 review: This would be a great bulb if it wasn’t so dim >>

* The future of air travel (and not a runway in sight) Boeing reveals 100 passenger plane that takes off like a helicopter then transforms into a traditional aircraft >>
* How the moon got there: New theory of a ‘giant impact’ with Earth explains our rocky satellite’s orbit >>

* Human–Animal Embryos: A Potential New Source of Transplant Organs >>
* World’s first bionic eye to give millions the chance of seeing again: Chip bypasses the eyes and sends wireless signals directly to the brain >>
* Why people are checking in to Standing Rock on Facebook >>

* Blacks face discrimination in ride-hailing >>
* The 50 Best Apps of the Year >>
* Driverless-cars-to-be-unmarked-to-stop-motorists-bullying-them >>

* Toyota is entering the ride-sharing service game >>
* Gallium Nitride almost as wear resistant as diamond >>
* Nanoscale memristor computing device smaller than a 50 nanometer cube >>

* End of an Era: Goodbye Mac Startup Sound >>
* AI-powered scheduler startup Konolabs wins the TechCrunch Pitch-Off in Seoul >>
* Police force uses drone to keep football match in check >>

* How Economists View the Rise of Artificial Intelligence >>
* Spacex Makes Progress Replicating Failure That Caused Falcon 9 Pad Explosion >>
* Boosting levels of antioxidant may help resist age-related decline >>

* New work may explain 5 big physics problems – dark matter, neutrino oscillations, baryogenesis, inflation and the strong CP problem >>
* Factory produces 60 million modified mosquitos per week will reduce breeding of Zika mosquitos >>
* Natural mechanisms enable permanent quantum coherence which requires >>

* Cheap lidar, sensor and algorithm improvements will radically improve self driving cars over the next five years >>

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