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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 October 2016

* Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro Featuring OLED Touch Bar, Touch ID – Powered By Intel Skylake Processor >>
* The new MacBook Pro goes all-in on Thunderbolt and USB-C >>

* Silicon Valley applies a tech fix to homelessness >>
* Hololens Will Now Let You Test Virtual Furniture In Your Real Home >>
* A deep-learning system to alert companies before litigation “average cost per lawsuit: at least about $350,000” >>

* Taser Drone Will Give Cops An Autonomous Flying Stun Gun >>
* At&Ts Vision Of Ultrafast Wireless Technology May Be A Mirage >>
* Apple Debuts New TV App, Live Sports Search >>

* AI-Powered Body Scanners Could Soon Speed Up Your Airport Check-in >>
* Microsoft Unveils Its First Desktop >>
* GM Wants IBM’s Watson AI To Sell You Stuff While You Drive >>

* Say goodbye to internet scams: New system catches out malicious websites before they are even registered >>
* Swifts break record by staying aloft for 10 months at a time >>
* Is this the oldest brain in the world? 130-million-year-old fossil reveals well-preserved dinosaur grey matter for the first time >>

* Computers can now keep SECRETS: Google’s neural network is learning to encrypt its own messages >>
* Gene-editing system cures blood disorder in mice >>
* CRISPR-Edited Mouse Genes Helps Us Understand How Snakes Lost Their Legs >>

* New Experiences Help Speed Up Brain Development in Mice >>
* Stand on the wing of air-bound plane in ‘VRtually There’ >>
* ‘Patient Zero’ Not the Source of HIV in the U.S., Study Finds >>

* Inside Uber’s Plan to Take Over the Skies With Flying Cars >>
* The Pentagon’s ‘Terminator Conundrum’: Robots That Could Kill on Their Own >>
* The Milky Way With Alien Eyes –Enormous Radio Survey Reveals Our Dazzling Technicolor Galaxy” >>

* Hands-on: Paint 3D Preview remixes Paint for the HoloLens generation >>
* The Little Bee –China Launches 1st Telescope That Mimics Compound Eyes of a Bee to Detect Powerful Explosions in Distant Galaxies >>

* Autonomous Cars Could Determine Your Driving Style by Gently Probing You >>
* The Tell-tale Heart: Researchers 3D Print Organ-on-a-Chip >>

* Powerful rocket missions to Mars in 30 days one way and fast mission to other solar system destinations >>
* Marine VTOL drone should be operating in 2018 >>

* DARPA Robot submarine hunting ship boosts radar range by 6 times using parasail to put gear at 1500 feet altitude >>
* Tabby Star, which has unusual dimming that is possible evidence of superadvanced aliens, will get extensive observation from 100 meter SETI radiotelescope >>
* Preventing Litigation: An Early Warning System to Get Big Value Out of Big Data >>

* All the Stuff You Can Do With the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar >>
* The 9 Most Important Security Innovations Of The Year >>
* Nuclear Waste Travels With One Heck Of An Entourage (Updated) >>

* Apple’s New MacBook Pro: Everything You Need to Know >>
* Apple’s New ‘TV Guide for Streaming’ Won’t Include Netflix: Report >>
* Apple Partnered With LG To Make a 5K Monitor Powered By USB-C >>

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