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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 October 2016

* Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos thinks space can be the new internet >>
* Hacked home devices caused massive Internet outage >>
* Looting Asteroids’ Water Will Make Launches Cheaper >>

* Schizophrenia secrets found hidden in the folds of DNA >>
* Nonsense paper written by iOS autocomplete accepted for conference >>
* This smart sock adds sensations to prosthetic limbs >>

* New Record for Nanowire-Based Solar Cells Achieved >>
* Video Friday: Robot Toes, Wolverine Haptic Hand, and More From IROS 2016 >>
* Astronomers Think They Know Where Rosetta’s Comet Came From >>

* 4 Steps to Turn “Neural Dust” Into a Medical Reality >>
* ‘Atomic sandwich’ computing material uses 100 times less energy >>
* NASA working on improved thermocouples for spacecraft power and to covert waste heat in car into electricity >>

* Argonne Labs makes solar thermal energy storage 20 times better to enable concentrated solar power plants to provide power at night >>
* Video Microscopy Technique Reveals How Battery-Killing Dendrites Grow >>
* New Computer Combines Electronic Circuits with Light Pulses >>

* Can Stanford’s Deep Dive Into Virtual Reality Help Save the Oceans? >>
* Scientists Discover What Your Brain Looks Like When You’re on Weed >>
* A Future Where Tiny Swarming Robots Bring Me My Phone Is the Future I Want >>

* AI Platform Assesses Trump’s and Clinton’s Emotional Intelligence >>
* Here’s How Self-Driving Cars Will Transform Your City >>

* Salesforce looks to the future with Einstein artificial intelligence >>
* Where Do Our Thoughts Come From? >>
* Airbus unveils its self flying ‘Uber air’ taxi by 2020 and can be summoned by smartphone >>

* The Mayaro Virus Could Be Every Bit As Bad As Zika >>
* 12 Agile principles >>
* “Waves” of Extreme Volcanoes Observed on Jupiter’s Moon, Io >>

* Software-Defined Networking: Not Just For Datacenters Anymore >>
* NBA will livestream weekly games in VR this season >>
* First Gulf War motivated accelerated military modernization in China >>

* Monkeys can make stone tools too >>
* Smart lab rats filmed using hooked tools to get chocolate cereal >>

* Watch as a smooth image is projected onto MOVING fabric: leading way to ‘interactive clothing’ >>
* Neandertal DNA Affects Modern Ethnic Difference in Immune Response >>

* £80 million project will trial memory-boosting implants >>
* Readers Respond to “Banking against Alzheimer’s” and More >>
* Revealed: 1.8 million-year-old teeth show the oldest evidence that our early ancestors were right-handed >>

* Experts claim mind controlled computers are just a decade away >>
* Could Diet Change Help Treat Blood Cancer or Transplant Patients? >>
* 420-million-year old fossil reveals how the bones in our faces formed >>

* Sandia, Harvard team create first quantum computer bridge which can enable clusters of quantum computers >>
* Russia claims progress on new Pak DA strategic bomber which will have hypersonic missile weapons >>
* Six futuristic designs that will change public transportation >>

* Scientists want robots to build big space telescope >>
* Tech giants struggle to build their own driverless cars >>
* How to Slow Age-Related Muscle Loss >>

* What Time Warner-AT&T alliance means for you >>
* How your DVR was hijacked to help epic cyberattack >>
* The best tech to watch your home from afar >>

* What is a distributed denial of service attack? >>
* A New Era of Internet Attacks Powered by Everyday Devices >>

* Coffee intake depends on gene variation, study suggests >>
* Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle solved? Hexagonal clouds creating terrifying air bombs with 170mph winds >>

* Qualcomm Tips 28 GHz 5G Chip >>

* Gene Drives: Saving Lives Or Powering Extinctions? >>
* How today’s kids are growing up online >>

* 10 Unanswerable Questions that Neither Science nor Religion can Answer >>
* Answering the Unanaswerable Questions: Part One >>
* Answering the Unanaswerable Questions: Part Two >>

* Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter views Schiaparelli landing site >>
* New 3-D technology raises hopes for the coldest of cold cases >>
* Here’s how the ‘Internet of Things’ is being used for major cyberattacks on the enterprise >>

* Copper isn’t the predictor of economic doom that everyone thinks >>
* The Husarion CORE2 is a brain for your death-dealing robotic projects >>

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