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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 October 2016

* Watch this autonomous Tesla drive from home to work on its own >>
* Scientists say they’ve identified the physical source of depression in the brain >>
* ExoMars update: Schiaparelli probe’s parachute malfunctioned >>

* Japanese Projector Displays Smooth Video On A Wriggling, Dancing Surface >>
* NASA’s Human Mars Mission Will Require Living Off the Land >>
* $100 million project to make intelligence-boosting brain implant >>

* “Odd Tilt of Our Sun Caused by Planet 9” >>
* This Is the Most Detailed Hydrogen Map of the Milky Way Ever Created >>
* Apple’s TV boss: ‘Television needs to be reinvented’ >>

* PlayStation VR Managed To Sell Over Fifty Thousand Units In Its First Week In Japan >>
* Kickstart An Antimatter Propulsion System To Another Star! >>
* UK begins next generation nuclear submarine construction and it will have all-electric magnet motor >>

* SRI Demonstrates Abacus, the First New Rotary Transmission Design in 50 Years >>
* Salesforce looks to the future with Einstein artificial intelligence >>
* Artificially intelligent robot can teach humans ping pong >>

* 3-D wiring technique is progress to scalable quantum computers >>
* Fujitsu FPGA architecture 10,000 times faster than conventional computers for optimization problems, prototype in 2018 >>
* DARPA Hands Over Space Tracking Telescope to the Air Force >>

* Carbon nanospikes can convert CO2 into Ethaol with a 63% yield and a room temperature reaction >>
* Spacex ITS rocket could get to Saturn’s moon Titan in 400 days and could refuel at Titan >>
* All Tesla Cars Being Produced Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware >>

* If Germany Bans Internal Combustion Engines, It’ll Change the Game >>
* Agriculture Drones Are Finally Cleared for Takeoff >>
* The Final Arrival Trailer Is the Ultimate Communication Breakdown >>

* Gene Editing Shifts Food Possibilities Forward >>
* Apple’s Big MacBook Event Is October 27 >>
* Watch a Tesla Model X drive itself to the office >>

* The Husarion CORE2 is a brain for your death-dealing robotic projects >>
* Automakers and Google balk at California’s self-driving rules >>
* From Cellphone Tracking To Facial Recognition: Minority Report Is Here >>

* NSA’s hacking tools found among data stolen by contractor >>
* Singapore to start trialing self-driving electric buses on its roads >>
* The 128GB version of Google’s Pixel XL is sold out at Verizon >>

* Qualcomm Introduces First Gigabit and multigigabit modems >>
* Either Stars Are Strange, Or There Are 234 Aliens Trying To Contact Us >>
* ‘Planet Nine’ Can’t Hide Much Longer, Scientists Say >>

* Experimental Projector Shoots Steady Images Even On Moving Objects >>
* Tiny body-roaming robots could be the future of wearables >>

* Is VR a leap back in time for the games industry? >>
* Google To Launch Streaming TV Service In Early 2017 >>
* Google’s Android 7.1 Developer Preview starts rolling out to beta testers >>

* Wearable Technology Is Improving Cancer Treatment One Day At A Time >>
* Engineers are testing a new name-based internet >>
* Maybe We Should Call Psychiatry Something Else >>

* Mice’s love songs go wrong when ‘language gene’ is messed up >>
* Google’s Unplugged TV service signs deal with CBS >>

* Take flight: USA TODAY Network debuts VR show >>
* Apple to debut new Macs at Oct. 27 event, report says >>
* These Intelligent Traffic Lights are Reducing Commutes by 25 Percent >>

* Apple’s new keyboard could be named the ‘Magic Toolbar’ >>
* The new game from the team behind ‘Grand Theft Auto’ is drop dead gorgeous >>

* Here’s everything leaving Netflix in November that you need to watch before it disappears >>
* Start Networking with People Outside Your Industry >>

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