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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 October 2016

* Entangled Wormholes Could Pave the Way for Quantum Gravity >>
* This Robot Can Do More Push-Ups Because It Sweats >>
* Watch DARPA’s autopilot system fly a turboprop plane >>

* Antimatter Sail: Focus on Storage >>
* Qualcomm Announces The World’s First 5G Modem, Leading The Way To Multi-Gigabit Internet Speeds On Phones >>

* Last Time the Sun Was In This Exact Spot, Dinosaurs Ruled the Planet” “Sun’s has orbited 20.4 times since Sun formed 4.6b years ago. Sun will continue fusing hydrogen for 7 billion years. In other words, we have 31 orbits left before it runs out of fuel.” >>

* NASA Researchers Probe “Future Earths” –“We are Young in the Universe” >>
* Maven Takes This Trippy, Nightglowing Photo Of Mars In Uv >>
* China creates fund and mobilizes to eliminate extreme poverty by 2020 >>

* Japanese city subsidizing 80% of the cost for women to freeze eggs in order to boost birth rate >>
* China’s Shenzhou 11 blasts off on space station mission >>
* Orbital ATK Antares successfully launches with a return to flight after 2014 rocket failure >>

* Factories 2.0 >>
* Wind on the Upswing >>
* Deep Driving A revolutionary AI technique is about to transform the self-driving car. >>

* Quantum Enhanced Machine Learning >>
* The Antlia Cluster of Galaxies >>
* The Difference Between Disruptions and Solutions >>

* Fully Automated Unmanned Garages have arrived where the Whole Parking building is robotic and enables more cars to be parked in expensive city real estate >>
* Superconducting EMDrive Patented >>
* Google has taken nearly 2000 multi-gigapixel images of great works of Art by using servers to stitch together lower resolution images >>

* How Analog and Neuromorphic Chips Will Rule the Robotic Age >>
* Failing to include people from Asian, African, Latino and other non-European ancestries in DNA databases is causing errors in identification of disease genes >>
* High-Speed Classroom: Building an Electric Racing Motorcycle >>

* Baby mice made from skin cells and the eggs were made entirely outside body in a dish and procedure should work for humans too >>
* Unmanned flying drone will deliver up to 3000 pounds of on demand supplies at 300 mph to combat squads sending requests by cellphone ‘ >>
* New High Speed Elevators twice as fast as Usain Bolt running the 100 meters >>

* Can Being Cold Really Make You Sick? >>
* Vodafone and Inmarsat hang satellites over potential Internet of Things customers >>
* AI software should be able to register its own patents, law prof argues >>

* MIT’s Fusion Reactor Broke a World Record Right Before the Feds Shut It Off >>
* This Electric Cart Lets Puny Humans Pull an 18-Wheeler’s 20-Ton Trailer >>
* Police Use Facial Recognition Tools With Little Oversight, Study Says >>

* Research Shows Post-Surgical Infection Is A Very Real Threat >>
* Say Hello To Branded Internet Addresses >>
* Netflix Versus Uber: Does The Subscription Or Sharing Economy Have More Potential? >>

* Researchers reveal next-gen AI at World of Watson >>
* How Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining The Future Of Work >>
* Qualcomm bets big on 5G networks >>

* Apple hires CMU professor as director of AI research to smarten up Siri >>
* NASA Reveals Dark Side of the Mystery of Sun’s Bursts of Radiation >>
* Qualcomm-powered 5G devices may arrive in first half of 2018 >>

* NASA unveils a new testbed for electric aircraft >>
* Has Chinese firm Xiaomi made a BENDABLE smartphone? Leaked video shows a mobile with a flexible screen >>
* Galaxy Rotation Negates Dark Matter >>

* How Much Heat Does the Ocean Trap? Robots Find Out >>
* Is THIS the key to finding alien life? Antimatter sail propulsion spacecraft could reach ‘Earth’s twin’ in 84 years >>
* Google’s AI can book your vacation: New update warns users of impending price surges on flights and can even show them hotel deals >>

* AI’s should be allowed to patent their inventions: Researchers say human are taking too much credit for computer creations >>
* Google Pixel review: Assistant, camera add up to a winner >>
* Netflix shares soar as video service posts jump in subscribers >>

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