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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 October 2016

* The first device that can use gigabit LTE is launching this year >>
* Engineers reveal fabrication process for revolutionary transparent graphene neural sensors >>
* Scientists Create Fully Functional Eggs from Skin Cells >>

* Gliding Algorithm Lets Drones Surf The Winds For Hours >>
* Ad-carrying Drones Hover Over Mexican Highways >>

* Experimental “stretchy” optical fibers could warn about disease early >>
* Auto Industry Cranks Up For More Electric Cars As Hybrids Edge Batteries >>

* ExoMars, Poised to Reach Red Planet and Gather Clues >>
* Atomic-sized ‘MRI scanners’ may lead to new drugs: Quantum bits will pick up the structure of single molecules >>
* A genetics company that wants to sequence and analyse your entire genome for $999 just raised another $30 million >>

* AT&T is using drones to inspect cell towers and find bird nests >>
* Netflix and Amazon are spending a truckload on TV programming >>
* Deep-seated parts of some people’s brains seem to hate cheese, and scientists are trying to understand why >>

* Next generation US Navy manned and unmanned fighters will have new stealth, smart sensor skins, hypersonic and laser weapons >>
* Atomic-scale MRI based on atom sized quantum qubits sensors for individual biomolecules >>
* Kello trains your sleeping habits without using sensors >>

* Quantum qubits with ten times longer superposition stability >>
* Pittsburgh’s AI Traffic Signals Will Make Driving Less Boring >>
* China’s Manned Shenzhou XI Spaceship Blasted Off Today to Dock With Orbiting Science Lab –“A Step Towards Tracking Nuclear Submarines Via Gravitational Waves” >>

* Space Station Mockup In Houston – Astronaut Guided Tour | Video >>
* Give a 3D printer artificial intelligence, and this is what you’ll get >>
* White House wants the nation to get ready for AI >>

* Hints for Another Major New Alliance Coming to Game of Thrones >>
* HTC brings its virtual reality storefront to mobile >>
* Apple hires a Carnegie Mellon professor to improve its AI >>

* A Higgs Boson Scientist Created A Fertility App That’s As Effective As The Pill >>
‘* The Simpsons’ celebrates 600 episodes with a VR couch gag >>

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