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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 October 2016

* Strange signals from 234 stars could be ET – or human error >>
* This Robot Can Do More Push-Ups Because It Sweats >>
* Scientists Seek to Map All Human Cells in Vast Atlas >>

* Google added a fact-check feature to help you tell if news stories are accurate >>
* European Mars Lander Separates From Mothership, Takes Aim at Red Planet >>
* Europe’s ExoMars’ Touchdown: October 19th >>

* Experiment in Monkeys Raises Hopes of “Functional Cure” for HIV >>
* More Planet Earth II unveiled: Leaping gangs of monkeys, flipping penguins >>
* Could your next TV and phone be as thin as a sheet of paper? >>

* Google’s nit-picky interview process is a huge turnoff for some experienced coders >>
* Google will show different search results to mobile and desktop users >>
* THE FUTURE OF TV (It’s toast — this is what will replace it) >>

* Gillmor Gang: Bret Taylor Talks Quip >>
* Obama Wants the Government to Help Develop AI >>

* Schiaparelli Lander Separates From TGO – ExoMars Mission Control Applauds | Video >>
* The Moon Is Getting Slammed Way More Than We Thought >>
* The Week’s Most Viewed –From Rising Sea Levels to Messages to Alien Civilizations >>

* More Radioisotope Power – NASA Wants ‘Nuclear Batteries’ To Last Longer | Video >>
* Our “AI” Future –“Apple’s iPhone Manufacturer to Replace 500,000 workers with One Million Robots Over Next 3-5 Years” >>

* Chinese Scientists Discover Earth’s Largest Field of Extraterrestrial Objects in Remote Autonomous Region >>
* Monkeys Can Think about Thinking, Too >>

* Buckle Up, Space Tourists! Blue Origin on Track to Launch People Next Year >>
* What Is Mercury Made Of? >>
* Blue Origin will launch suborbital test pilots in 2017 and commercial passengers in 2018 >>

* China Shenzhou-11 launch tomorrow is part of Tiangong 2 space station program >>
* Better lasers could lead to future atomic clocks that are 100 times more accurate >>
* Breakthrough Listen Project will follow up on possible Alien laser beacon detections but think it is most likely instrument or analysis >>

* Virgin Galactic’s sub-orbital tourism is a step towards a point to point hypersonic transportation anywhere in the world >>
* This astronaut robot is the friend you’ve been looking for >>
* Scientist builds incredible ladder for pet after landlord bans catflap >>

* Uranus might have two dark moons we’ve never seen before >>
* DNA Scaffold Self-Assembles Into Single-Electron Device >>

* ‘A Sharper Scaling’ Upscales Images Better Than Photoshop >>
* Google Maps Adds Shortcut to Find Out How Traffic Is In Your Area >>
* China Has Now Eclipsed The US in AI Research >>

* MacGyver’s Body-Bag Freefall Might Actually Work. Physics Says So >>
* Great White Shark Breaks Into Diver’s Shark Cage, Terror Ensues >>
* Personalized Medicine Draws Closer With Cheap and Accurate DNA Sequencer >>

* US Navy Secretary says Ford aircraft carrier is a textbook example of how not to build a ship >>
* Third trailer for Star Wars Rogue One >>
* Great Wall trailer >>

* Humans Are Still Evolving >>
* CRISPR gene editing corrects sickle cells in a mouse >>
* US Army testing self driving supply trucks >>

* Structured light and quantum dot film let flying drones detect obstacles while flying at 43 mph and 20 meter detection range will get boosted to over 100 meters within a year >>
* Low energy terahertz radiation could reset computer memory in a picosecond which is 1000 times faster then current memory >>
* Verizon is now selling unlimited data in 30-minute increments >>

* Sharecare Acquires BioLucid to Bring Your Body into Virtual Reality With ‘YOU VR’ >>

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 October 2016 >>

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