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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 October 2016

* BMW just revealed a self-correcting motorcycle you can ride without a helmet >>
* What Leading AI, Machine Learning And Robotics Scientists Say About The Future >>
* Hyperloop One and Dubai Future Accelerators will build the first ‘hyperloop for cargo’ >>

* XYZ launches a $249 3D printer for schools >>
* Google Sprayscapes lets you build surreal 360-degree landscapes >>
* How artificial intelligence is changing online retail forever >>

* Automation Will Make Us Rethink What a “Job” Really Is >>
* The creator of Atari has launched a new VR company called Modal VR >>
* Is machine learning sexist? >>

* These soft robotic muscles could help with physical therapy >>
* How Realistic Is BMW’s Motorcycle From 2116? An Explainer >>
* Why The Next Decade For Gaming Will Be Anything But Casual >>

* ISIS Is Now Using Hobby Drones to Kill People >>
* Wi-Fi Kettle Takes 11 Hours to Make Cup of Tea >>
* Explosion-Proof 93-Year-Old Bridge Refuses to Die >>

* Diver Catches Once in a Lifetime Closeup Footage of a Whale Breach >>
* Try Not to Cry While Watching Earth Rise From the Moon in HD >>
* Samsung’s Exynos 7270 Chip Will Let Wearables Be Way Smaller >>

* Ancient Nightmare Wasp Is Like No Other Insect on Earth >>
* Vertical takeoff and landing boxwing planes capable of twice the speed of helicopters >>
* Indoor Skydivers Wearing Glow Suits Look Like Tron Come to Life >>

* Google’s Android 7.1 Developer Preview will launch later this month >>
* World’s First “Cybathlon” Pits High-Tech Prosthetics Against Each Other >>
* TV shows could use ultrasound to send bonus extras to your phone >>

* Project Blue plans to send space telescope to snap nearby worlds >>
* Virtual reality no one is actually buying >>

* Spherical shell laser sail would simplify interstellar laser sails by getting rid of the need for orientation and solve the beam riding problem >>
* Two-Dimensional Materials Combined to Produce “Quantum LED” >>
* Update on the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor projects in China and the USA >>

* Berkeley Lab announces first transistor with a working 1-nanometer gate >>
* Pulse-radio technology design for 1-terabit wireless >>
* Google’s Deep Mind Gives AI a Memory Boost That Lets It Navigate London’s Underground >>

* Dwarf planet detected three times farther than Pluto >>
* Ep. 10: Measuring Distance in the Universe >>
* Shotwell Says SpaceX ‘Homing In’ On Cause of Falcon 9 Pad Explosion >>

* “Beyond Pluto” –Scientists Identify a New Dwarf Planet in Our Solar System with a 1,100-Year Orbit >>
* Our Neighbor Star Proxima Centauri “Defies Expectation” –Has Magnetic Field Cycle Similar to the Sun >>
* Mar’s “Death Star” Moon, Phobos –Planetary Defense Team’s Model to Deflect Deadly Earth-Bound Asteroids >>

* These are three of the biggest problems facing today’s AI >>
* Massive Disruption Is Coming With Quantum Computing >>
* Is our world a simulation? Why some scientists say it’s more likely than not >>

* What Do You Do With 34 Metric Tons Of Weapons-grade Plutonium? >>
* Why Smaller Airplanes Are So Much Better Than Bigger Airplanes >>
* Supergirl gets off to a strong start on The CW >>

* DeepMind’s AI has learned to navigate the Tube using memory >>
* Pluto has a new friend: The hunt for ‘Planet Nine’ reveals a dwarf world at the edge of our solar system >>
* A New Tack to Stave Off Alzheimer’s Years Before the First Symptom >>

* The Samsung battery fires explained >>
* Meet the Woman Who Designed Google’s Self-Driving Car >>
* Scientists propose space nation named ‘Asgardia’ and cosmic shield to protect Earth from asteroids >>

* ‘Facial-profiling’ could be dangerously inaccurate and biased, experts warn >>
* Dementia risk linked to air pollution and lack of vitamin D >>
* RBS, NatWest and SEB banks employ virtual staff >>

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