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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 October 2016

* Obama Gives New Details About Sending People to Mars >>
* ESA Sends a Digital Message to a Possible Extraterrestrial Civilization >>
* Gene injection to brain could halt Alzheimer’s disease >>

* The Note 7 Meltdown Will Haunt Samsung for a Long, Long Time >>
* Samsung Galaxy Note 7: What went wrong? >>
* As the Note 7 dies will Google inherit the Android kingdom? >>

* Samsung crams LTE into a tiny smartwatch chip >>
* Scientists want to send a telescope to photograph Alpha Centauri >>

* The IoT Gives Criminals Superpowers >>
* Oculus Rift could reveal if you are EVIL: Experts say VR can easily uncover our moral compass >>

* Quantum-Dot Coating Could Pull Solar Energy From Your Windows >>
* Stanford’s New Spiny Grippers Will Help RoboSimian Go Rock Climbing >>
* A Mission to Mars Could Cause Serious Brain Damage >>

* A baby’s heart first beats just 16 days after conception >>
* Emergency agencies begin turning off radio encryption >>
* The noise canceling ‘bubble’ that could give you a perfect night’s sleep >>

* Female mice feel higher levels of stress when left on their own >>
* Disco-ball sail propelled by laser could fly to a nearby star >>
* All these men and women are 55. But, after taking a revolutionary new test, some are ageing faster than others. >>

* “Beyond Kepler” –NASA Reveals Plans to Probe Milky Way’s Center for Habitable Planets >>
* Editing the Epigenome in Mammals >>
* Researchers Restored A Colony Of Microbes In The Gut >>

* Sports Illustrated captured a full Mount Everest climb in VR >>
* There’s An Anti-Aging Pill For Dogs Now >>
* Mars Astronauts Face Memory Loss, Anxiety And Long Term Brain Damage >>

* GE’s WiFi dishwasher orders detergent through Amazon Dash >>
* IMAX VR is coming to Manchester this year >>
* Netflix borrows from YouTube for its children’s programming >>

* Researchers find blackmailing employees can be productive (as long as you appear friendly while doing it) >>

* The Leaked Dark Tower Trailer Has a Lot of Modern Day New York City in It >>
* YouTube reports record views for the second presidential debate, but fewer live viewers >>
* Wi-Fi vs. LTE could be the start of a mobile rollercoaster >>

* Cutting the Cord: 200 channels but only 20 worth watching? >>

* Robots Will Replace Doctors, Lawyers, and Other Professionals >>
* Project Blue: Private Space Telescope to Hunt for Alien Earth at Alpha Centauri >>
* Nasa bosses back Obama’s plan to get to Mars by the 2030s >>

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