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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 October 2016

* Disney builds a jolly, one-legged hopping robot >>
* Smart machines and the future of jobs >>
* Cancer in Retreat on One Front: Fewer Children Are Dying >>

* Mice sing like a JET ENGINE to find a mate: Ultrasonic love songs >>
* Tesla to unveil ‘unexpected’ new product Oct. 17 >>
* ‘Space Brain’ Fears –“Manned Mars’ Missions Face Chronic Dementia from Galactic Gamma Ray Exposure” >>

* Stratolaunch to Launch Pegasus Rockets >>
* Race to Quantum Computing Supremacy should see definitive results in 2018 >>
* Tesla of speedboats: $150,000 electric 40 knot hydrofoil travels 50 miles on one charge >>

* Mapping the End of Malaria >>
* Launched: A Synthetic Biology Factory for Making Weird New Organisms >>
* Coming soon: a 3-D computer model of a cell >>

* A carbon-nanotube trap for ultra-sensitive virus detection and identification >>
* Seabubbles Aspires To Bring Us The Water Taxi Of The Future >>
* Hacking Diabetes At Home >>

* Two Space Agencies Will Try to Make a Historic Landing on Mars Next Week >>
* Facebook at Work officially launches as ‘Workplace’ >>
* Find Free Airport Wi-Fi With This Interactive Map >>

* MakerBot Replicator Mini+ will make you care about 3D printing again >>
* Immersively Engaged: The Future Of Storytelling Festival >>

* iOS 10 hits two-thirds of devices >>
* NASA: “Massive Starless Gas Cloud On a Collision Course With the Milky Way” (VIEW VIDEO) >>

* Daily Report: Your Choice of Computer Voice is Predictable >>
* Google’s search engine now converts color values >>
* 3D upgrade that could make you care about Microsoft Paint again >>

* Forget Hyperloop: This Awful-Looking Thing Can Move Your Stuff >>
* The Software to Make Airports Less Miserable Finally Hits the US >>
* Farmers Are Manipulating Microbiomes to Help Crops Grow >>

* Industrial robots will replace manufacturing jobs — and that’s a good thing >>
* Singularity University Live Stream of Exponential Medicine 2016 >>
* $300 PancakeBot goes on sale >>

* Cybathlon: Battle of the bionic athletes >>
* Images Google’s first self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans surface >>
* Three of the biggest problems facing today’s AI; Not-so-deep learning >>

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