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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 October 2016

* Germany calls for a ban on combustion engine cars by 2030 >>
* Brain-like memory gets an AI test drive >>
* SeaBubbles wants to be the Uber for waterborne transportation >>

* Immunotherapy cancer drug hailed as ‘game changer’ >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day ; Hurricane Ivan from the Space Station >>
* Best of CEATEC 2016: virtual tea, printed makeup, too many robots >>

* Forget DNA, experts say RNA could hold the key to ‘eternal life pill’ >>
* Social Technologies Are Making Us Less Social >>
* This stunning home concept is built into the side of a cliff >>

* LEAKED: Microsoft Paint is getting a huge upgrade >>
* 20 physicists who revolutionized our understanding of the world >>
* New trailers: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Black Mirror, and more >>

* Proxima b: Newly discovered planet ‘likely’ to support life, say scientists >>
* A specialized Wi-Fi network is delivering internet to thousands in a ‘forgotten population’ in Africa >>
* Retailers are copying Amazon with a strategy that’s getting you to spend more >>

* This is what an A.I.-powered future looks like >>
* Daniel Craig Would No Longer Rather Slit His Wrists Than Play James Bond Again >>
* How to Stream Tonight’s Presidential Debate For Free, No Cable Required >>

* A Plan To Defend Against the War on Science >>
* Silkworms Spin Super-Silk After Eating Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene >>

* Tesla is holding a ‘product unveiling’ on October 17th >>
* Robotics the future of medicine >>
* The Software to Make Airports Less Miserable Finally Hits the US >>

* Bram Cohen Says New uTorrent Mode is For Private Trackers >>
* A decentralized web would give power back to the people online >>

* Welcome to a world without work >>
* Two more automakers can test self-driving cars in California >>
* Machine Logic: Our Lives Are Ruled By Big Tech’s ‘Decisions By Data’ >>

* Facebook’s Future Is A Standalone VR Headset That Connects You With Friends And Family >>
* Field in View: Facebook’s VR Gamble Is All About Its Chips, Not Its Cards >>
* How Michael Abrash’s Vision of The Future Made Us Excited About Oculus Again >>

* 4K Headsets, ‘Perfect’ Eye-Tracking, and ‘Augmented VR’: Oculus’ Abrash Predicts VR in 2021 >>
* ‘Carmel’ Is Oculus’ Own Web Browser to Support WebVR >>
* Exponential Medicine starts today (Saturday) and runs thru Tuesday. >>

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