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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 October 2016

* Mark Zuckerberg’s VR Selfie Is a Bigger Deal Than You Realize >>
* Wireless power systems could one day beam electricity from space >>
* The VR reading library Oculus hid at its developer conference >>

* Why ‘teleportation’ makes sense in virtual reality >>
* Bruce Schneier: We Need To Save the Internet From the Internet of Things >>
* 5 IoT innovations that can’t advance without wireless power >>

* Microsoft will hold a Windows 10 event October 26th >>
* BMW, Toyota and Allianz back NAUTO and its camera-based approach to making autonomous vehicles >>
* Bioscience meets AI — Dr. Jackie Hunter of BenevolentAI to speak at Disrupt London >>

* One-Nanometer Gate Dimensions for Transistors Have Been Achieved >>
* Why AI Makes It Hard to Prove That Self-Driving Cars Are Safe >>
* Gallium nitride devices can reduce the volume by 6000 times compared to silicon devices >>

* The True Scale of Nuclear Bombs Is Totally Frightening >>
* Electronic Sticky Notes Will Eliminate All Those Post-its Stuck to Your Computer Screen >>

* SPEAK, MEMORY When her best friend died, she rebuilt him using artificial intelligence >>
* Oculus’ prototype headset points to VR’s wireless future >>
* Facebook’s standalone VR headset feels like the future >>

* ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and Disney will come to VR via Oculus >>
* 3D-print a microscope to play soccer with microbes >>

* LG’s InstaView fridge lets you see your food without opening the door >>
* How brain cells move through newborn babies’ brains >>

* Facebook Is Trying to Solve Virtual Reality’s Biggest Problem >>
* Japanese Robotics Giant Gives Its Arms Some Brains >>
* Bioscience meets AI — Dr. Jackie Hunter of BenevolentAI to speak at Disrupt London >>

* Disney’s new hopping robot is just super excited to meet you >>
* “ANA AVATAR” selected as a top-prize concept at XPRIZE Visioneers 2016 Summit >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – October 7, 2016: James Webb: Standing On The Shoulders Of Hubble >>
* Voyage of Time IMAX® Trailer >>

* Netflix CEO: Movie theatres are ‘strangling the movie business’ >>
* Men lie about having watched TV shows a lot more than women, according to Hulu >>
* MIT is developing a method to train self-driving cars to make morally right decisions >>

* Launch Contract Deadline Looms for Lunar Lander Teams >>
* Bill Gates identifies top 4 global priorities – Affordable energy and Quality Education for all, vaccine for HIV and cures for neurodegerative disease and prevent future epidemics >>

* Side Effects of Antiaging drug Rapamycin can be managed with lower doses and appears to improve the immune system, restore vitality and delay heart disease and dementia >>
* Major breakthrough in transistor size by creating gate only 1 nanometer long >>
* Analysis of nearest Rocky Exoplanet Proxima B suggests it is an ocean planet with 120 miles of water covering the whole world >>

* The Nearest Earth-Like Planet Outside Our Solar System Could Be a Water World >>
* Video Shows a Dude in a Wingsuit Getting Caught on an Airplane >>

* China’s Private Space Industry Prepares To Compete With Spacex And Blue Origin >>
* ‘Rogue’ Algorithm Blamed for Historic Crash of the British Pound >>
* William Shatner Just Became a Part of the Batman Universe >>

* Pirate Kodi Add-Ons Gain Massive Popularity >>
* Today’s IoT technologies are circling tomorrow’s airports >>

* Wheego and Valeo get California road driverless testing permits >>
* Is Nasa Changing Course On Mars Exploration? >>
* Is Proxima Centauri B Basically Kevin Costner’s Waterworld? >>

* Funded WFIRST space telescope will use Gravitational microlensing to complete the survey of exoplanets >>
* The Eye of Hurricane Matthew: Satellite Sees Storm’s Heat from Space >>
* Next generation Columbia submarines will have quieter electric drive, cost about $5 billion each and become operation 2030 through 2041 >>

* Most of the stars and planets in the universe are outside solar systems and in between galaxies >>
* Ultra-thin quantum LEDs could accelerate development of quantum networks >>
* Microsoft Wants to Ruin MS Paint by Making It Useful >>

* The Real Reasons Companies Won’t Hire Telecommuters >>
* How to Watch the Second Presidential Debate Online, No Cable Required >>
* Google Assistant is gender-neutral(ish), but it’s not feminist >>

* Could There be a “Liver-Friendly” Vodka? >>
* ‘Supergirl’ Will Remain Mostly Quarantined From The Arrowverse, Despite CW Move >>
* Netflix’s theater deal is a small step for subscriber growth and a big leap toward an Oscar >>

* Controversy and Excitement Swirl around New Human Species >>
* Why 2016 Is a Little Like 1984 >>
* 3-D-printed robots with shock-absorbing skins >>

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