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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 October 2016

* Portable Oculus Rift that doesn’t need a phone is in the works >>
* Oculus shows off Facebook Messenger video calls in virtual reality >>
* 4K Headsets, ‘Perfect’ Eye-Tracking, and ‘Augmented VR’: Oculus’ Abrash Predicts VR in 2021 >>

* Facebook Messenger just rolled out a new feature called ‘Secret Conversations’ >>
* Oculus is building a VR web browser, codenamed ‘Carmel’ >>
* You can now run the Oculus Rift on a $500 PC >>

* Are you ready for your own personal Google? >>
* Scientists Catch The Highest Energy Particles By Making Them Go Faster Than Light >>
* Personal assistants are ushering in the age of AI at home >>

* What’s the Longest Humans Can Live? 115 Years, New Study Says >>
* The odds of anybody in the world surviving to 125 in any given year is less than one in 10,000 >>
* “125 Years” –Scientists Say Maximum Age for Humans Has Been Reached >>
* Scientists claim maximum human lifespan is 115 years despite records of person living to 122 years and 164 days >>
* Why the Human Lifespan Ends at 122 >>

* Everything you need to know about PlayStation’s VR headset >>
* Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen explains how AI will change the world >>

* Remote control self driving kits will be added to the Abrams tank and other General Dynamics armored vehicles >>
* Boeing fears Spacex Raptor engine – CEO vows to put humans on Mars before Spacex but needs over $60 billion for Space Launch System >>
* Sending Passwords Through Your Body Could Be More Secure Than Transmitting Them Over The Air >>

* Google Wants Robots to Acquire New Skills by Learning From Each Other >>
* Machine Learning Tools Help Google Science Fair Finalists Find Lost Objects, Predict Breast Cancer Risk >>
* Students Hacked a Chip to Give Your Smartphone a Sense of Touch >>

* Chimps May Be Capable of Comprehending the Minds of Others >>
* NASA and ESA Astronomers Discover an Odd Wandering Black Hole >>
* Bionic Bird: The Furtive Drone >>

* Males Born Through Popular Reproductive Technique Have Low Sperm Counts >>
* Why Americans and the British Spell English Words Differently >>
* General Electric Introduces Raven Drone For Oil Companies >>

* Bend A Laser Beam With This Easy, Physics-defying Experiment >>
* ‘Alien Megastructure’ Star Keeps Getting Stranger >>
* IMAX Spectacle ‘Voyage of Time’ Aims to Inspire More Than Inform >>

* Fast Descent! ExoMars’ Module Will Land In Under 6 Minutes | Video >>
* Closing the Loop on the Artificial Pancreas >>
* Mavericks of Medicine: Exploring the Future of Medicine with Andrew Weil, Jack Kevorkian, Bernie Siegel, Ray Kurzweil, and Others >>

* Molecular Nanotechnologists win Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing molecular machines >>
* US Army mounting combat lasers ranging from 2 kiloWatts to 60 kiloWatts on different sized trucks >>
* Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 awarded to three pioneers of molecular machines >>

* Virtually hang out with up to 7 friends in Oculus’ ‘VR Rooms’ >>
* Oculus’ next headset is a cross between the Rift and Gear VR >>
* Oculus teases a standalone Rift headset that blends the best of PC and mobile VR >>
* Facebook just announced a new browser for VR content, codenamed ‘Carmel’ >>

* Oculus developers welcome Google as space heats up >>
* Customize your appearance in VR with Oculus avatars >>
* Mark Zuckerberg’s Absurd ‘Social VR’ Demo Was Brutal >>
* An extra $79 turns the Oculus into a room-scale VR system >>
* Oculus reveals Touch VR controller pricing and launch info, $49 Oculus Earbuds >>

* Bees trained by scientists can teach each other new skills >>
* PlayStation VR review: When good enough is great >>
* Oculus’ new wireless prototype could be VR’s next great leap >>

* Verizon will soon start selling data plans for drones >>
* Duolingo’s new crew of AI tutors will help you learn languages >>
* Hands-on With ‘Santa Cruz’ Inside Out Position Tracking Oculus Prototype >>

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