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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 October 2016

* MIT looks to beavers for new wetsuit material design >>
* VR Helps A Legally Blind Man See The World Clearly >>
* Netflix is headed to the big screen >>

* Google’s self-driving cars hit 2 million miles >>
* The new Google Pixel vs. iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7 >>
* Exclusive: Poe finds his way home in ‘LEGO Star Wars’ game >>

* Google may give sneak peek of Andromeda OS >>

* Wait, I Thought We Couldn’t Predict Earthquakes >>
* Playstation Vr Is The Best Virtual Reality Headset For Couch Gamers >>
* Teenage Scientist Captures Arctic Ice Melt On Film >>

* The First Living Donor Uterus Transplants Have Been Performed in the US >>
* MIT Thinks Furry Wetsuits Could Keep Divers Even Warmer >>
* Teens Have An Edge When Learning From Rewards >>

* A 3d-printed Autonomous Car With An Onboard Scout Drone >>
* Space Wars Will Be Waged With Hacks, Not Lasers — “Space and Cyberspace are Becoming Fields of Warfare Equivalent to Land, Sea and Air” >>

* Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Space Capsule Aces Dramatic In-Flight Escape Test >>
* New Shepard Defies The Odds And Sticks Landing >>
* What Are Cepheid Variables? >>

* TSMC actively developing three dimensional stacked architecture for 5 nanometer process and investing for 3 and 1 nanometer manufacturing process >>
* Long-Theorized Material Poised to Close the Terahertz Gap >>
* The Wealth of Humans: Work, Power, and Status in the Twenty-first Century >>

* Over complicated: Technology at the Limits of Comprehension >>
* New catheter lets doctors see inside arteries for first time >>
* Dubai Hyperloop Competition >>

* VR and AR World >>
* Instant Expert – Relativity and Beyond >>
* Arc Fusion Micro-summit: Reimagining Humans >>

* Was Spacex’s Lost Falcon 9 The Victim Of Sabotage? >>
* Nasa’s First Sls Mars Rocket Fuel Tank Completes Welding >>
* Predicting Westworld: where the AI comes from >>

* The 5 Coolest Announcements From Google’s Pixel Phone Event >>
* Orbital Atk’s Rocket Set To Finally Fly Again After 2014 Explosion >>
* How Google’s Mobile Daydream Platform Aims To Dominate Consumer VR >>

* Mit Game Asks Who Driverless Cars Should Kill >>
* Google Just Tricked Hundreds of Thousands of People Into Listening to a Computer Science Lecture >>
* This Gene Mutation May Make You Crave More Greasy Food (And Shrink Your Sweet Tooth) >>

* This tiny high-def display could double the sharpness of VR >>
* The Pixel Smartphone Is Actually Made By HTC, Not Google >>
* MIT shares $75 million grant to fight heart disease >>

* SmartVizX has a new take on real estate VR >>
* Xiaomi sold two phones every second for three days in India >>
* Google Launches Healthy Building Materials Tool to Change an Industry >>

* All aboard the barf ride: The massive pitfall to the Hyperloop >>
* Full-body 3D scanning is about to get faster and cheaper >>
* AI can help you find a programming job >>

* Coming Soon: Robots Get Their Own Shrinks >>
* Google’s new VR headset is a hipster Daydream >>
* ‘Alien Megastructure’ Star Keeps Getting Stranger >>

* Google’s AI-powered ‘Home’ hub ships next month for $129 >>
* Google Unveils Hardware Projects >>
* Google’s ‘Assistant’ is at the core of its new hardware >>

* Chemistry Nobel Prize: Machines Too Small To See >>
* How Quantum Computing Could Change Cybersecurity Forever [Video] >>
* Device Can Read Emotions by Bouncing Wireless Signals off Your Body [Video] >>

* $22m X Prize to make Avatar a reality: Contest to create machines that can ‘allow people’s consciousness to be transported instantaneously’ >>
* Physics Nobel Prize: Buns, Bagels and Pretzels Help Explain Exotic Matter >>

* Toyota unveils tiny robot designed for childless women >>
* What Happens When Black Holes Collide? >>
* Watch A Bumblebee Tug A String To Get Lunch >>

* UK Crowdsourcing system for a single soldier to control 20 drones at once with fully working system by October 2018 >>
* Memristors Could Be a Boon to Brain-to-Prosthesis Communication >>
* Fujitsu Memory Tech Speeds Up Deep-Learning AI >>

* Autonomous Vehicles Need In-Cabin Cameras to Monitor Drivers >>
* Metamaterials reduces the reflection of radar might make stealth aircraft invisible to microwaves >>
* Safety Testing Self Driving Cars needs to consider the possible Deep Learning Weaknesses >>

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