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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 October 2016

* Toyota Has Made a Robot Baby to Replace Actual Babies >>
* Your Lonely Grandparents Can Now Get a Robot Retriever To Keep Them Company >>
* Brain scan study reveals dogs attend to word meaning, not just intonation >>

* Researchers use the human body to transfer wireless passwords >>
* This MIT Online Activity Lets You Choose Who Gets Killed If A Self-Driving Car Wrecks >>
* MIT’s shock-absorbing robots are safer and more precise >>

* Google Science Fair Finalist Invents Cheap Lung Cancer Screening Breathalyzer >>
* China plans 100 ton mach 8 suborbital spaceship that can carry 20 passengers and have test flights finished end of 2018 >>
* Google Translate Gets a Deep-Learning Upgrade >>

* Richard Branson envisions ‘sexy hotels’ in space >>
* To Predict IoT’s Future, it Helps to Look to the Past >>
* Skymind’s Deep Learning SKIL Seeks To Clean Up Enterprise Data Junk Drawers >>

* Details of Google’s new smartphones leaked >>
* Sky introduces its first VR app >>
* There is liquid water in the rest of the solar system that is 50 times Earth’s volume of water on 8-17 moons and asteroids >>

* Driverless cars, drones, robotic warehouses and factories can transform the supply chain and radically boost Global GDP in the 2020s >>
* The Apple Watch’s unlock feature could turn the smartwatch tides >>
* NASA’s ‘Blue Collar Robot’ Is an Unstoppable Miner >>

* Hurricane Matthew’s Impact on Haiti Could Be Catastrophic >>
* One In 10 Children May Have A Natural Aids Defense Mechanism >>
* Where To Watch Google’s October 4 Event >>

* Presence is a new novel about VR, clones, and virtual theme parks >>
* The Human Remembering Machine >>
* StubHub launches the first ticketing app for Apple TV >>

* Toyota’s Robot-Car Line In The Sand: 8.8 Billion Test Miles To Ensure Safety >>
* Aurora Over White Dome Geyser >>
* Google, Why Is Your New Phone An iPhone Clone? >>

* What Would It Take for a Sex Robot to Pass a Turing Test? >>
* GTA 5 Mod Adds Exploding Galaxy Note 7 >>
* The View While Swinging 6,000 Feet In the Air From Hot Air Balloons Is Stunning >>

* More Details on a Fallen Hero’s Return to Arrow >>
* We’re About To Get Regional Forecasts For Solar Storms >>
* Porn-Surfing Smart Fridge Is a Terrifying Look Into Our Horny Future >>

* Mashable tech and entertainment articles are coming to your ears >>
* This Rocket Failed To Put Soviets On The Moon >>
* Toyota’s companion robot goes on sale at the end of the year $400 >>

* 3-D-printed robots with shock-absorbing skins >>
* MIT game forces self-driving cars to choose between passengers and pedestrians >>
* The first great seafarers: DNA from ancient skeletons reveals the Polynesians may have come from Taiwan 5,000 years ago >>

* Women’s breasts ‘eat’ themselves after they finish breastfeeding >>
* How sex would work in SPACE >>

* Scientists searching for a HIV cure are close to breakthrough as British man suffering from the virus shows ‘remarkable’ progress >>
* Synapse-like memristor-based electronic device detects brain spikes in real time >>

* Your Car Is Watching You—and Wants to Sell You Stuff >>
* Gillmor Gang: Bait and Switch >>
* How deep learning allowed computers to see >>

* Why Is Jeff Bezos Going to Crash His Rocket? >>
* Rosetta’s Final Snapshots of Comet 67P Assembled | Video >>
* Learn How 3D Printing & Automotive Design Are Merging >>

* Dexmo exoskeleton combines Virtual reality with haptic force feedback >>
* How to send secure passwords through your body instead of air >>
* Deep learning on Amazon Cloud used to Improve Diagnosis of chronic eye disease >>

* NASA Space Launch System Fuel Tank compared to Spacex Interplanetary Transport System Tank >>
* China plans high speed rail station 340 feet below the Great Wall >>

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