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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 October 2016

* Groundbreaking bill lets vehicles travel without a human driver inside >>
* First ‘baby dragons’ hatched in captivity reach adolescence >>
* You’ve got mail! From a drone. >>

* Google’s VR paint game ‘Tilt Brush’ will get multiplayer >>
* Google’s Going to Change the Gadget Game, But Not Like You Think >>
* Netflix goes down, people freak out/discover real life >>

* How Artificial Intelligence Wrote Beatles-Esque Pop Song >>
* A 3D-Printed Exoskeleton That Can Train a Paralyzed Hand to Move Again >>
* Mimicking the Veins in a Leaf, Scientists Hope to Make Super-Efficient Displays and Solar Cells >>

* Smart dog collars could be the next big thing in wearables >>
* EV concepts merge with reality at the Paris Auto Show >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day; Rosetta’s Farewell >>

* Production of Long March 5 rocket is underway >>
* Nanocrystalline alloys could be up to eight orders of magnitude lower creep rate at high temperature which could revolutionize jet engines >>
* US builds a $100 million African drone base to fight Boko Haram >>

* US officially reduces its internet oversight >>
* Inventor Ken Mages sees the Internet as democracy in action >>
* Dyson’s first ever hair dryer >>

* Microsoft Bungles This Week’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update >>
* Gillmor Gang LIVE 10.01.16 >>
* Google’s Tilt Brush will soon create windows from VR into reality >>

* The state of women in the workforce, loopholes in London’s alternative stock market, and Mission 2020 >>
* What It’s Like to Work in Space, Using Bulky EVA Gloves >>
* BMW teases an all-electric future with Mini and X3 >>

* This Bra Revolutionizes Wearable Tech >>
* More Evidence for an Ocean inside Pluto 2313 >>
* Earth’s atmosphere now has carbon dioxide levels unseen for 15 million years, and we might be past the point of no return >>

* Arguing about whether the F-35 can dogfight misses a really big point >>
* Hillary Clinton has a plan to make college debt free — here’s how >>
* Humans have a terrible reputation for killing each another — and new research suggests that’s not a surprise >>

* Neuroscientists discovered that being in shape can have a positive effect on your brain >>
* 100 under-the-radar places everyone should visit in the world >>
* Simulate ‘sun and rain’ detail how nanoparticles can escape from plastic coatings into the environment >>

* 5 Challenges for 25G Ethernet >>
* Massive Sensor Fusion for Cars Is HERE >>
* Telco Revamp is a Soft Opportunity >>

* L’Oreal & Poietis Map Out a Plan to End Hair Loss with 3D Printed Follicles >>
* EPFL Researchers 3D Print Atomic Microscopy Sensors at the Nanoscale >>
* Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR >>

* The United Nations is turning VR into a tool for social change >>
* Oculus App Update Is Murdering Battery Life on Samsung Phones >>
* 24 photos that show the synchronized chaos of America’s aircraft-carrier flight decks >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – Sept 16, 2016: News Roundup! >>
* Goodbye, Rosetta! Spacecraft Crash-Lands on Comet in Epic Mission Finale >>
* A Brief History of the Microwave Oven >>

* Working Out With Intel and Oakley’s Chatty Radar Pace Augmented Reality Smart Glasses >>
* Video Friday: Deep Learning for Cars, Space Invaders With Drones, and Disagreeable Robot >>
* Landing drones on a manned aircraft is the hard part of new motherships >>

* IBM Neuromorphic chip hits DARPA milestone and has been used to implement deep learning >>
* IBM has first cloud based platform for AI-Powered Decision-Making >>
* A Superfast DNA Sequencer Based on Motion Detection >>

* Broad Group USA targets their first USA pre-fabricated skyscraper by end of 2019 >>
* The World’s First Clear Glass Slide Looks Like a Dream >>
* All the Incredible Things We Learned From Our First Trip to a Comet >>

* Four-legged Robot Can Open Doors >>
* This Huge Robot Will Drive Up and Build You a House [Video] >>
* Gravity Sketch’s Wild VR App Will Let You Draw in Mid-Air >>

* Google’s Cloud Machine Learning service is now in public beta >>
* Mini dog robot can bounce, open doors and even climb fences >>
* 20 Years From Now, Humans Will Still Beat Computers At Many Things >>

* Yahoo open sources its porn-detecting neural network >>
* O’Reilly AI Conference Roundup: Success With AI Requires A Mature Data Supply Chain >>
* How the scary potential of AI brought tech competitors together >>

* Google’s New AI Tech Knows What’s In Your Photos >>
* The first episode of the MegaBots webseries takes a wrecking ball to its six-ton robot >>
* Internet Of Things, Virtual Reality And Smart Cars Driving Chips To The Next Level >>

* Microsoft reorganizes to create a dedicated AI division >>
* Flagship US Fusion Reactor Breaks Down >>
* So long Rosetta: Spacecraft ends its historic 12-year mission by ‘crashing’ into a comet at crawling speed >>

* Don’t worry, bee happy: Bees found to have emotions and moods >>
* insects-may-have-feelings-so-do-we-need-more-humane-fly-spray >>
* Is America giving away the Internet? >>

* Hands-free ‘Ok Google’ commands come to Google Maps >>

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