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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 September 2016

* Forget VR. The Future of Roller Coasters Is About Maglev >>
* “Beyond Science Fiction” –Chinese Quantum Physics Breakthrough Enables New Radar Capable of Detecting ‘Invisible’ Targets 100 Kilometers Distant >>
* 40 Percent of Organizations Store Admin Passwords In Word Documents, Says Survey >>

* Security News This Week: Hackers Take Control of a Moving Tesla’s Brakes >>
* Where Words are Stored: The Brain’s Meaning Map >>
* Why Are Stars Different Colors? >>

* You can finally buy Nikon’s 360-degree 4K camera >>
* Samsung’s WiFi range speaks to the future of smart cooking >>
* Snapchat introduces video glasses, new name >>

* R2D2 delivery robots to scurry through the streets of San Francisco >>
* Supersoldier programs for cognitive enhancement and running speed >>
* Win Friends and Influence People With This Rubik’s Cube-Solving Program >>

* ‘Star Wars’ Style Holographic Television In Testing By BBC >>
* If Apple built a car, here are the companies it would probably work with >>
* Area 51’s Massive New Hangar Shows Up in New Google Earth Images Of The Secret Base >>

* Take This Perception Test to See How Visually Intelligent You Are >>
* Jack garman whose judgment call saved-moon landing dies at-72 >>
* Human Embryo Editing: Sweden Docs Make It Possible To Customize Your Baby >>

* Minecraft for iPhone and Android is about to get a lot better >>
* Bill Gates could do pretty well if he ran for president, study suggests >>
* 160-Day Mars Mission Simulation Kicks Off in Utah >>

* Big Breach In 2nd Stage Helium System Likely Triggered Catastrophic Falcon 9 Explosion: Spacex >>
* Hybrid material opens the door to new possibilities in graphene applications >>
* Electrostatic glider update >>

* F35A caught fire prior to takeoff and others have crumbling insulation but what do you expect at $150 million each ? >>
* Autonomous drones swarms of 10-40 drones will support marines and will only be required to ask humans – May I airstrike them now ? >>
* Quantum Computing AI-driven robotics so that one human worker can do the work of four >>

* Swedish researchers edit healthy human embryos >>
* Flexible optical non-volatile memory >>
* Don’t Look Into This Robot’s Eyes While It Learns to Play the Ball-and-Cup Game >>

* Exploring Obama’s Seafloor Canyons By Mini Sub >>
* Google’s self-driving car is the victim in a serious crash >>
* Here’s how much Snapchat’s glasses will cost >>

* Brian Solis talks about why AI won’t suck >>
* Can MacGyver put together a decent remake? >>
* Ask Ethan: What ‘Impossible Physics’ Would Be Possible With Warp Drive? >>

* Whatever you do, don’t send your robot lawnmower after a moose >>
* These transformable train seats could make your commute 30 percent less awful >>

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