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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 September 2016

* This Drone Can Fly Forever Without a Battery >>
* Driverless Bus Gets Into Fender Bender In Switzerland >>
* SpaceX: Falcon 9 exploded after helium system breach >>

* How to detect emotions remotely with wireless signals >>
* Someone is learning how to take down the Internet >>
* China claims to have successfully developed quantum radar and can easily detect stealth planes >>

* Can Crispr-Cas9 Boost Intelligence? >>
* Acoustic Holograms Create Complex Floating Patterns >>
* ‘Marsquakes’ Could Give Alien Life a Boost >>

* Breakthrough Quantum Cat Experiment Captured on Camera >>
* The World’s Largest Elevator Can Lift 6.7 Million Pounds of Ship >>
* Google’s smart speaker will be cheaper than the Amazon Echo, report says >>
* Google might introduce another WiFi router on October 4th >>

* Computer Scientists Close In on Perfect, Hack-Proof Code >>
* Google’s Internet-Beaming Balloon Gets a New Pilot: AI >>
* Flexible Non-Volatile Memory Just Got A Lot Closer >>

* Windows 10 Maps will show the traffic on your route home >>
* Two Chemicals Together May Knock out Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes >>
* US, China Will Meet This Year to Talk Space Debris >>

* US Marines want laser armed version of VTOL Xplane >>
* China’s debt problem is currently estimated at $2 trillion >>
* Wave Computing has 30X faster deep learning training and 10-100X better performance >>

* Bionic Arms Get A Thought-Control Upgrade >>
* The Doorknob That Cries “fire!” >>
* Using Virtual Reality To Avoid Catastrophe >>

* How SpaceX’s 2018 ‘Red Dragon’ Mission Could Help NASA Put Boots on Mars >>
* Artificial Intelligence Beats A Path To Ecommerce >>
* Movie Review: Arrival Is a Scifi Masterpiece You Won’t Stop Thinking About >>

* UK Stable Molten Salt Reactor Design >>
* Google’s AI is getting really good at captioning photos >>
* Badass T-rex on a Jetski Is Exactly Why We’ll Miss the Summer >>

* Will UPS beat Amazon to drone delivery? >>
* Google’s ‘Show and Tell’ AI can tell you exactly what’s in a photo w 94% accuracy >>
* Star Wars-like holographic TV is coming: BBC tests display it says will bring its shows to life >>

* Monsanto cuts deal to use CRISPR to engineer food >>
* SpaceX Figured Out Why Its Expensive Rocket Exploded >>
* Stephen Hawking has a plan to search for aliens >>

* Apple’s iPhone 7 costs just $220 to make >>
* NASA built a crazy bouncing robot to solve one of the biggest problems with exploring space >>
* NASA observed something unexpected in our atmosphere that it can’t fully explain >>

* 99.9999999% of your body is empty space >>
* RBC: Netflix stock could double in the next 3 years >>
* IGNITION 2016: Here’s what’s up next for AI >>

* ‘Medical Tattoos’ Help Hide Surgical Scars >>
* Technology Isn’t Just For The Good Guys: What Happens When Black Marketeers Start Churning Out Bioprinted Organs? >>
* Print A Drink: Creative Robotics Lab Develops a Martini 3D Printed, Not Stirred >>

* Automated screening for childhood communication disorders >>
* How Cheating Spoils Capitalism: the true roots of skyrocketing inequality >>
* Evo Is a Little Robot With a Big Mission: Get Girls to Code >>

* A Robot That Sews Could Take the Sweat Out of Sweatshops >>
* How Nanotech Will Lead to a Better Future for Us All >>
* These Deep Space Images Reveal a New Type of Galaxy >>

* Apple acquires another machine learning company: Tuplejump >>
* This Is the Tech That Will Make Learning as Addictive as Video Games >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Sept 23, 2016: Dr. Frank Timmes And Online Astronomy Education >>

* Five New Neptunian Trojans Discovered >>
* NASA SLS Booster Test – See Awesome Fireworks in Ultra Slow Motion | Video >>
* Robot will finally automate sewing in the garment industry >>

* Video Friday: LEGO Drone Kits, Robots in the Desert, and Pepper Learns New Tricks >>
* The Internet of Fewer Things >>

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