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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 September 2016

* Mood-Detecting Sensor Could Help Machines Respond to Emotions >>
* IBM and MIT partner up to create AI that understands sight and sound the way we do >>

* Microsoft will ‘solve’ cancer within 10 years by ‘reprogramming’ diseased cells >>
* DARPA seeks smart pixels with thousands of transistors combined with machine learning to provide the most useful view from many sensors >>

* Artificial molecules fight drug-resistant ‘superbugs’ >>
* Musk: SpaceX Will Go ‘Well Beyond’ Mars >>
* Microsoft and Sony are battling over what ‘4K’ actually means >>

* Google to announce Amazon Echo competitor, new phones on October 4th >>
* Google’s vision of a driverless future just got a big boost from the government >>
* DARPA sees future wars won with hypersonic weapons and artificial intelligence >>

* Google’s New App Wants to Be Your Personal Travel Guide >>
* Google’s Waze now shows you ‘where to park’ >>
* New NASA budget could put asteroid grabbing mission in jeopardy >>

* Do Dolphins Dream of Space Travel? >>
* New nano-therapy finds and kills deadly tumors >>
* World’s hardiest animal has evolved radiation shield for its DNA >>

* This device can read your SWEAT: Disposable patches monitor health by analyzing sweat biomarkers >>
* New braking chip will help keep you safe in autonomous cars, ARM says >>
* Human’s Wireless Headphones Might Be the Wildest Cans Yet >>

* Seriously, we don’t need smartphone-controlled candles >>
* Graphene key to promising treatment for spinal cord injuries >>
* The World’s First Smart Candle Can Be Lit and Extinguished From Your Smartphone >>

* This Wi-Fi Can Tell If You’re Sad >>
* MIT Scientists Learn To Track Emotions Using Wireless Signals >>
* How To Detect Nuclear Warheads Without Revealing Their Secrets >>

* New Exhibit Uses Augmented Reality To Send You To Mars >>
* Flying Robots With Radiation Detectors Could Detect Toxic Leaks Safely >>
* Data Analytics and Machine Learning: Driving Speed to Insight >>

* Gene-regulating RNA molecules could help treat early-stage breast cancer tumors before they spread >>
* Israel prepares for 1,500 rockets a day in next war with multi-tiered missile defense systems >>
* Dog with nearly completely severed spinal cord has spinal cord repaired by team working towards human head transplant >>

* D-Wave systems next quantum chip will 1000X faster and will revolutionize machine learning >>
* George Church gives an update on the field of genetics >>
* The Helix Nebula in Infrared >>

* Google Working on a New VR Headset to Compete with Facebook’s Oculus & Beyond >>
* Alarms Raised Over DARPA-Funded ‘Neural Dust’ –Wireless Sensors Implanted in the Body: “Hacking Could Unleash Global Havoc” >>
* NASA Bill Calls for Hard Look at Asteroid Redirect Mission >>

* Elon Musk Says SpaceX’s New Spaceship Could Go ‘Well Beyond Mars’ >>
* DARPA moving to second phase of Squad X effort to merge Squads with drone and sensor technology >>
* Wind Battles Coal for Access to China’s Grid >>

* AT&T Labs’ new gigabit Wi-Fi project will piggyback on power lines >>
* MIT ‘radio’ uses wireless signals to identify emotions >>
* Microsoft hopes AI will find better cancer treatments >>

* The Future of Robot Labor Is Unfolding in Shipping Warehouses >>
* Genetically modified mosquitoes could wipe out the world’s most deadly viruses. If we let them. >>
* Toyota is using sewage sludge to power its new electric car >>

* Man v rat: could the long war soon be over? >>

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