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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 September 2016

* ‘Alien megastructure’ star may be explained by interstellar junk >>
* Mind-Controlled Nanobots Used to Release Chemicals in Living Cockroaches >>
* Video shows explosion after bomb robot tries to disarm New Jersey device >>

* First Ciliary Stroke Motion Microrobots >>
* Quantum teleportation over 7 kilometres of cables smashes record >>
* 50,000 Kilometers over the Sun >>

* These six plant extracts could delay aging >>
* Engineering ‘backup’ mitochondrial genes to restore power to cells >>

* Artificial molecules fight drug-resistant ‘superbugs’ >>
* Some Malaria Mosquitoes May Prefer Cows to Us >>

* Highest-resolution map of the entire human brain created >>
* StarTalk Radio With Neil deGrasse Tyson –The Space Race: From Mining Helium 3 to Apollo-Conspiracy Theories >>

* Who Cares About the New iPhone Camera? The Real Change Is Apple Pay >>
* Ghost Robotics’ Minitaur Quadruped Conquers Stairs, Doors, Fences, Somehow Affordable >>

* Tiangong-1 Space Lab Will Fall to Earth Next Year, China Says >>
* Why the Cost of Living Is Poised to Plummet in the Next 20 Years >>
* DARPA’s plan for total surveillance of low-flying drones over cities >>

* Sub launched Blackwing UAV can control a swarm of unmanned robotic subs and other UAVs >>
* Elon Musk next rocket called Interplanetary Transport System eyes solar system colonization >>
* Hidden interstellar cloud could explain unusual Tabby Star dimming >>

* Direct Observations of atomic interactions could help pave way to room-temperature superconductors >>
* Jeff Bezos, wants fully colonized solar system with population in trillions with rocket and nuclear fusion companies >>
* New Hand Grenade Design For U.S. Army In The Works >>

* Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and the World’s Peril >>
* Self-driving cars are moving faster than the law >>
* Salesforce uses AI to help customers close deals >>

* New Research Shows How Bright Light Could Wake Up Men’s Sexual Desire >>
* Where Elon Musk’s Interplanetary Transporter Should Go Next >>
* Now Google AI Can Help You Plan a Vacation >>

* Microsoft’s ‘Project Scorpio’ games will run in native 4K >>
* Sony: The ‘Majority’ Of 4K PS4 Pro Games Will Be Upscaled >>
* A Lesson of Tesla Crashes? Computer Vision Can’t Do It All Yet >>

* Gamers beat scientists to making a protein discovery >>
* Gene therapy technique may help prevent cancer metastasis >>
* Quantum teleportation breakthrough could lead to UNBREAKABLE encryption networks >>

* Google’s DeepMind to use AI in diagnosing eye disease >>
* The US Air Force wants to roll out a cheaper attack aircraft to fly alongside the A-10 >>
* Grand project to unify global efforts to understand the brain >>

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