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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 September 2016

* Military Wants A Way To Track Drones Flying Over Cities >>
* How do you feel? ‘Mind-reading’ system can pinpoint emotions flickering across your brain >>
* mFluiDx uses mobile and the cloud to enable disease diagnosis in the field >>

* Scientists found 63 ancient cosmic objects that could shine light on ‘one of greatest mysteries in astronomy >>
* This Robotic Tank Wants To Kill Mosquitoes With A Laser >>
* Your Blue Jeans Can Trace Their Origins To Peru, 6,000 Years Ago >>

* Future medical wearables could be powered by body heat >>
* A New Map Will Help Predict Earth’s Response To Space Weather >>
* Velodyne adds a high-res version of its LiDAR sensor for autonomous driving >>

* Scientists Explain Pluto’s Red-Headed Moon >>
* New Billion-Star Map Reveals Secrets of the Milky Way >>
* Asteroid assault on early planets was more like a gentle massage >>

* Bonkers Real-Life Plan to Drain the Mediterranean and Merge Africa and Europe >>
* How To Make A Baby Without An Egg >>

* What scientists think aliens could actually look like >>
* Stanford has developed a roadside breathalyzer for weed >>

* China Plans To Launch A Live-in Space Lab Tomorrow >>
* Drone racing is coming to Sky Sports next month >>

* Stilla is a ridiculously simple security system >>
* Facebook to roll out tech for combating fake stories in its Trending topics >>
* Cruise has around 30 self-driving test cars on roads right now >>

* Boeing 737 Max jets will launch the age of $69 one way trans-Atlantic fares in March 2017 >>
* The Pentagon Wants To Get Better At Spotting Photoshop >>
* Jeff Bezos Swaps Spots With Warren Buffett To Become World’s Third Richest In Wake Of Wells Fargo Scandal >>

* Borderless societies >>
* $29 for This Premium 4-Course Training on Amazon Web Services- Deal Alert >>
* Will Self-driving Cars Make Us More Productive? >>

* Facebook Messenger Just Made Some Serious E-Commerce Strides. Here’s Why We Should Care. >>
* Boom times in Silicon Valley for a chosen few >>

* A Time-Loop Generator Causes Relationship Beef in New Clip From Netflix’s ARQ >>
* The Sixth Mass Extinction Will Be Like Nothing In Earth’s History >>
* The World’s Most Sophisticated ATM Skimmers Are Starting to Appear in America >>

* Baby mice made from non-egg cells and could lead to babies using cells not from eggs >>
* Russia shows video of new Armata tank driving over terrain and firing its gun >>
* Paralympics 2016 >>

* Where’s SCiO, my Pocket-Sized Molecular Sensor? >>
* A Ride In Ford’s Self-Driving Car >>
* Dwave Systems offers a course on programming the Dwave 2X Quantum Computer >>

* Weekly Space Hangout Live With Sondy Springmann And Morgan Rehnberg >>
* Blue Origin’s Huge New Rocket Heats Up Billionaire Space Rivalry >>
* Virgin Galactic Signs Sky and Space Global to Four-Launch Deal >>

* When Lights Came On In the Cosmos -New Radio Telescope Array Probes a Pivotal Epoch >>
* Clinton Supports Human Mars Exploration >>
* International Cooperation Key to Spaceflight’s Future, NASA Chief Says >>

* New EU Rules Promise 100Mbps Broadband and Free Wi-Fi For All >>
* VR documentary puts you inside the 2016 NBA Finals >>
* Man claims footage shows Alphabet’s drone making a burrito delivery >>

* PS4 Update: Folders Aren’t All You Get On PlayStation 4, HDR Compatibility >>
* TV networks are spending a whopping $60 to $80 million just to promote Emmy nominations >>
* Google-free wifi kiosks scrapping web browsing because too many people using it for porn >>

* The Airbus A380 just got some bad news from its second largest customer >>
* NZ internet; 1Gbps high speed internet service >>

* The Sad Story Of The Man Who Figured Out An Equation For Altruism >>
* In these games starring AI bots, chatting is the new shooting >>
* New York’s Wi-Fi hubs shut down tablet web access after complaints of homeless users >>

* The Man Who Coined The Term ‘Metaverse’ Speaks About VR’s Future >>
* ‘future First’: This Is Your Brain On Vr >>

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