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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 September 2016

* Monkey Types 12 Words per Minute With Brain-to-Keyboard Communication >>
* Skin cells could be used instead of eggs to make embryos, say scientists >>
* Aggressive Quadrotors Zip Through Narrow Windows Without Any Help >>

* Researchers Train Ai To Defeat Face Blurring Technologies >>
* Drones Will Use Lasers So Other Lasers Can’t Shoot Them Down >>
* Alexa functionality is coming to the Onyx wearable walkie-talkie >>

* Apple’s iOS 10 update goes horribly wrong on some iPhones >>
* Need a hand in the kitchen? Just ask Amazon Alexa. >>
* Jeff Bezos has designs for larger reusable rockets than the Spacex Falcon Heavy >>

* Here’s why “two-dad” babies aren’t yet a biological reality >>
* Experts reveal new computer defense system that uses a DECOY network to mislead hackers >>

* Trio of Nations Aim to Hook Asia Super Grid to Grids of the World >>
* New programming language delivers fourfold speedups on Big Data problems >>
* Paralyzed man regains use of arms and hands after experimental stem cell therapy >>

* Qualcomm’s IoT Challenge – 3 Days To Invent A Lifesaving Device >>
* Shell may launch a UK EV charging network in 2017 >>
* Google’s new museum tours bring dinosaurs to life >>

* Scientists Have Bred Live Mice with No Need for Fertilized Eggs >>
* BMW and VW finish installing EV chargers along US coastlines >>

* Virus Pumps Up Male Muscles—in Mice >>
* To fix heartbeat, replace shocks with red light? >>
* PlayStation update add support for HDR >>

* South Africa: Virtually There By Bill Gates >>
* This Water-Jet Cutter Can Slice Through Anything: Steel, Glass, or Steak >>
* Interconnectivity: A Key Ingredient for the Mobile-Money Ecosystem >>

* Medical nanobots approach for curing Alzheimers in a 433 page write up by Robert Freitas >>
* Novel Semiconductor Has Double-Helix Structure of DNA >>
* China to Launch New Tiangong-2 Space Lab Soon >>

* The ‘father of the self-driving car’ wants to solve the talent drought by training a new legion of driverless car engineers >>
* Sony’s Making a Movie Out of Scott Kelly’s Year in Space >>

* Astronomers Are Watching A Star Evolve In Real Time >>
* Can safety wearables really stop crimes against women? >>

* Moon’s Birth May Have Vaporized Most of Earth, Study Shows >>
* Will We Ever Find E.T.? NASA Talks First Contact ‘Star Trek’-Style >>
* Blue Origin Capsule’s Solid Rocket Motor Push In Case Of Emergency | Animation >>

* “Is Our Nearest Star’s Planet Proxima B Habitable?” –Three Top Astrophysicists Ponder >>
* Biologists Really Can’t Help Naming Species After Obama >>

* Black Holes May Be the Missing Piece of Star Cluster Puzzle >>
* China high speed rail network has passed 20,000 kilometers in total length >>
* Ford: Robotaxis in 2021, Self-Driving Cars for Consumer 2025 >>

* Our World Is Getting Hotter and This GIF Shows It >>
* Smart Sex Toy Maker Sued for Sneakily Collecting ‘Intimate’ Data >>
* Welcome To The Rare Metal Age >>

* Marc Andreessen on the atomization of AI >>
* iOS 10 review: the coming of age of apps >>
* iOS 10 is now available to download >>

* Ex-Google Car Chief, Mercedes, Nvidia Partner To Train Self-Driving Car Engineers >>
* The Eye-Sync system can diagnose concussions in one minute >>
* TP-Link’s new Wi-Fi light bulbs shun smart bridges for easier, cheaper setup >>

* These $16 Bluetooth Earbuds Are Perfect For Your New iPhone >>
* AI Is The Future Of Salesforce >>
* 2016 Could Be Fact-Checking’s Finest Year—If Anyone Listens >>

* Nvidia Chases Bigger (And Better) Chunk Of Burgeoning Artificial Intelligence Market >>
* Are you ready for a fully digital credit card? >>
* ZTE’s top crowdfunding ideas include an AR diving mask and educational robotic gloves >>

* One Simple Comic Explains Climate Change >>
* There is more than one kind of Alzheimer’s disease >>
* ‘First-responder’ protein spurs gene to repair DNA >>

* Jeff Bezos to launch bigger rocket in race with Musk’s SpaceX >>
* You can finally delete Apple’s pre-installed apps from your iPhone >>
* A.I. Speech Sounds More Human than Ever >>

* Netflix September 2016: The Best Netflix Movies & Series Still To Come >>
* The 20 best new TV shows this fall you need to watch >>
* Every Netflix Original Series, Ranked (Again) >>

* There Are 12 Black Dots In This Image And You Will Never See All Of Them At Once >>
* The deadly epidemic America is ignoring; The Uncounted >>
* InstaVR Raises $2 Million For Its 360-Degree Content Creation Platform >>

* NVIDIA Kicks Off CES 2017 With Keynote Covering VR >>
* Chess Championship Will Stream Live In Virtual Reality >>
* Artificial intelligence is the new electricity? >>

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