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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 September 2016

* Chemistry Could Save Billions of Baby Male Chickens >>
* Even the Most Remote Islands Harbor Human Messes >>
* World’s first ‘nanofish’ could be used as guided drug missiles >>

* Airport Scanner Flags Common Cyst as a Security Threat >>
* DNA Reveals Giraffes are 4 Species–Not 1 >>
* Does YOUR face lose you friends? Researchers reveal ‘resting b*tch face’ can see you dumped for looking ‘cold and incompetent’ >>

* Bilingual people have ‘superfocus’: Study finds switching between languages boosts attention spans >>
* The secret feature of the iPhone 7 plus: Experts say dual camera could be used for radical augmented reality apps >>

* How Close is North Korea to Targeting the U.S. with Nuclear Missiles? >>
* The drone you can EAT: Edible craft to have wings stuffed with food and medical supplies for humanitarian missions >>

* Machine-learning Algorithm Generates Videos From Stills >>
* Google Is Making It Harder To Pick Out Fake Voices >>

* Google’s AI finds its voice … and it’s surprisingly human >>
* Remember When People Laughed at the ATLAS Robot When It Fell Over? WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?! >>
* Protein In Your Hair Is Better Than Dna At Identifying You >>

* World’s First ‘Nanofish’ Coming to Swim Drugs Up Your Bloodstream >>
* Taking Health Monitoring to the Next Level >>
* These Nightmare Videos Are Generated From Still Baby Photos by a Neural Network >>

* Some interesting youtube videos with Aubrey de Grey, Kurzweil and Kaku >>
* EEG Identification Can Steal Your Most Closely Held Secrets >>
* The Ethics of Human Enhancement >>

* Video Friday: Atlas Balancing, Giant Drone With Arms, and Modified Racing Roomba >>
* Drones armed with anti-laser lasers that trick controls of enemy lasers into missing the drone >>
* Graphene Enables Flat Speakers for Mobile Audio Systems >>

* Tackle This: Football’s Newest Most Valuable Player is a Robot >>
* Video shows Perdix microdrone launched from fighter jet flare dispenser >>
* Private police and security outnumber public police by five times and private security industry is $35 billion per year >>

* Nanodust Cloud Shrouding the Moon Is Spawned by Meteoroid Impacts >>
* China’s Largest Telescope Sights an Asteroid Approaching Earth >>
* Star Trek Plus Fifty >>

* Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned from Star Trek >>
* Watch the birth of a SUPERBUG: Incredible experiment shows how bacteria evolve on a giant petri dish >>
* Spacex Falcon 9 Failure Investigation ‘most Difficult’ Ever: Musk >>

* Aubrey de Grey’s SENS life extension research team made a mitochondrial advance to preserve two out of 13 expressed proteins >>
* Small asteroid passes ten time closer than the moon >>
* Boeing testing blended wing plane for potential new super-efficient subsonic plane within 10 years >>

* Tesla Autopilot 8.0 uses radar to prevent accidents like the fatal Model S crash >>
* Smart city success requires road maps, not free association >>
* Can Humankind Establish a Supply Chain in Space? >>

* Apple’s rumored car project suffers major layoffs, report says >>
* Gillmor Gang: The Enterprise Show >>
* Technology May Someday Change The Way We Communicate With Our Dogs >>

* Microsoft Is Bringing WebVR To Microsoft Edge On Windows 10 >>
* Every single part of this camera is 3D printed >>
* Books Would Be So Much Better if They Could Read Your Mind >>

* Google’s DeepMind Develops New Speech Synthesis AI Algorithm Called WaveNet >>
* Amazon’s Alexa can tell you what’s trending on Twitter >>
* Who Is Getting Left Behind In the Internet Revolution? >>

* Bissell SmartClean 1605 Robot Vacuum Review >>
* Apple shifts into reverse on car project: report >>
* Apple revealed its next design innovation—and nobody noticed >>

* ‘Interscatter’ Tech Lets Implants Talk Wi-Fi >>
* Watson for the Masses >>
* Gillmor Gang: The Enterprise Show >>
* There’s a lot of junk fMRI research out there. Here’s what top neuroscientists want you to know. >>

* The Extraordinary Link Between Deep Neural Networks and the Nature of the Universe >>
* A Conversation with Ray Kurzweil >>
* Physicists have caught signs of a new particle: the Madala boson >>

* Uranus & Neptune May Keep “hitler’s Acid” Stable Under Massive Pressure >>
* Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Unity Takes 1st Flight with Mothership ‘ >>
* Visit to ‘Armageddon Asteroid’ Could Save Future Earth from Impact >>

* Health experts give British woman, 60, the go-ahead to get pregnant with her dead daughter’s frozen eggs >>
* New trailers: Matthew McConaughey acting weird, Ben Affleck directing again, and more >>
* Arrival review: a soulful sci-fi instant classic >>

* Field In View: Why Sony Failed To Impress This VR Enthusiast With Its PlayStation 4 Pro >>
* 3 Reasons WebVR Is The Future of Virtual Reality >>

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