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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 September 2016

* ‘Star in a jar’ could lead to limitless fusion energy >>
* Xerox Made an Inkjet That Can Print On Anything >>
* Future Airplanes Will Fly On Twistable Wings >>

* Acer shipping its StarVR 5K headsets for first IMAX VR center >>
* Ultra-high resolution StarVR headset now available >>
* Does Aging Have an Off Switch? >>

* From Passwords to Passthoughts: Logging into Your Devices With Your Mind >>
* How Apple—and the Rest of Silicon Valley—Avoids the Tax Man >>
* Self-Driving Cars Were Just Around the Corner—in 1960 >>

* Future of Work – People at the center #gsummit >>
* Researchers Map Locations of 4,669 Servers in Netflix’s Content Delivery Network >>
* World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park Opens in Dubai >>

* Physics Confronts Its Heart of Darkness >>
* Why it’s so hard to ignore a baby’s cry: Scientist reveals how a piercing wail activates different regions in our brain >>
* Strange signal probably isn’t alien life, researchers say >>

* Will Future Planes Fly On Wings Of Plasma? >>
* Review: Monoprice Mp Select Mini 3d Printer >>
* A Plastic Cup And A Shop Vacuum Could Rewrite The History Of The Solar System >>

* Chinese AI Program Defeats World Masters at Planet’s Oldest Most Difficult Board Game >>
* This is Drive.AI’s plan for making self-driving cars a little less creepy >>
* A Closer Look at Proxima b >>

* SETI’s ‘unusual signal’ most likely came from Earth >>
* Could EyeSee’s eye-tracking tech help brands improve their pitch? >>
* Windows 10’s new beta lets computers download updates from other PCs >>

* Meet The Pulsing Wristband That Could Replace Caffeine >>
* This New Technology Might Let You Bring Holograms Into Your Home. >>
* Sequoia backs artifical intelligence startup Mad Street Den >>

* View smart nanotechnology glass is in 250 commercial buildings #gsummit >>
* Apple launches 2TB iCloud storage for $20 a month >>

* Brain-Zapping Gadgets Need Regulation, Say Scientists and (Some) Manufacturers >>
* Made in Space wins the Singularity University Grand Challenge in space #gsummit >>
* Smartstones is the Singularity University Grand Challenge Winner in Learning #gsummit >>

* Space Particle Slams Into Satellite, Damages Solar Array | Video >>
* “Is Alpha Centuari’s Proxima b Habitable?” –A Deep Look by Rory Barnes of NASA’s Virtual Planetary Lab >>
* NASA Discovers Most Distant Galaxy Cluster in the Cosmos –“Going Through an Amazing Growth Spurt” >>
* Ses Boldly Goes Where No Firm Has Gone Before, Inks Deal To Fly On 1st Spacex ‘flight-proven’ Booster >>

* Planet 9 Search Turning Up Wealth Of New Objects >>
* Carbon nanotube nonvolatile NRAM memory 1000 times faster than Flash by 2018 >>
* US Marines certain about putting combat lasers on jets, on track for 2021 airborne tests >>

* Smart energy revolution ‘could help to avoid UK blackouts’ >>
* NASA On Global Warming: Earth Heating Faster Than Any Other Time In 1,000 Years >>

* The Thinnest Laptop in the World Needs a Touchscreen Keyboard >>
* Why Facebook’s Trending Topics Spam Problem Can’t Be Solved With Algorithms >>
* Why Humans Will Never Live Off Sunlight >>

* Forests On The Tibetan Plateau May Be Growing Faster Thanks To Climate Change >>
* The Highs And Lows Of VR Gaming, Five Months In >>
* The Oldest Stars May Be A Lot Younger Than We Thought >>

* Bill Nye Is Getting His Own Talk Show on Netflix >>
* Samsung delays Galaxy Note 7 shipments amid reports of exploding batteries >>

* google-broadens-car-pooling-project-casting-shadow-on-uber >>
* New pain relief for dental work goes up your nose >>
* Few People of Color in ‘Artificial Pancreas’ Tests >>

* Superman’s disguise WOULD work >>
* The internet is so vast we need to get theological to grasp it >>
* Now that’s food for thought! Human brains grew six times hungrier for energy as our ancestors evolved intelligence >>

* A new generation of creepy robots could imitate humans simply by observing >>
* This app works with ovens to empower chefs >>

* Nest platform developers move to Google >>
* Intel announces new 4K-ready PC processors >>
* The Multiverse Idea Is Rotting Culture >>

* The 30 games we can’t wait to play this holiday season >>
* Pokemon Go and the lifespan of fads in the internet age >>
* Apple Patented An iPhone Compatible Wireless VR Headset >>

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