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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 August 2016

* They’re not saying it’s aliens, but signal traced to sunlike star sparks SETI interest >>
* Ultrasound jump-starts brain of man in coma >>
* Implantable cell-size ‘neural pixel’ device senses and blocks epileptic seizures >>

* Watch a Helicopter Project a Video onto an Enormous Banner Towed by Another Helicopter >>
* New sensor system can predict when senior citizens are heading for a fall >>
* Apple Announces Event On September 7: iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 Expected >>
* The iPhone 7 Apple reveals launch event and hints it will have a radical dual lens camera >>

* Dimensions: Cosmic Eye HD >>
* Designing new ultrasound imaging tools with Lego-like proteins >>
* The AI drones helping California beat the drought: Smart craft can scour farmer’s fields to look for leaks and analyse soil >>

* Meet the doctor behind the surgical bus; we put an operating theatre into a bus >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Doctors Find Breast Cancer Risk 30 Times Faster >>
* Amtrack reveals America’s ‘bullet train’: $2bn project will bring 186mph next generation trains to Washington, New York and Boston by 2021 >>

* Finnish Carrier Sets New World Record for 4G Download Speeds >>
* Malawi and South Africa Pioneer Unused TV Frequencies for Rural Broadband >>
* Injectable Nanowires Monitor Mouse Brains for Months >>

* “We’re Living During the Most Extraordinary Time Ever in History” >>
* Retooling AI for the workplace >>
* Six Million Years Ago Milky Way’s Central Black Hole Erupted –“When First Humanoids Walked the Earth” >>

* Northern Lights By Drone? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes >>
* Facebook’s Trending News Is A Total Mess >>
* Alien Hunters Spot Freaky Radio Signal Coming From Nearby Star >>

* One-Year Mock Mars Crew ‘Returns to Earth’: HI-SEAS Photos >>
* Hubble Discovery –A Strange Alien: “Blue Planet That Rains Glass Sideways in 4,500 MPH Winds” (VIDEO) >>

* Global Grand Challenge #gsummit >>
* Geocosmo can forecast earthquakes weeks in advance – Grand challenge #gsummit >>
* Exponentials 101: Energy By Ramez Naam >>

* Exponential Computing and Networking by Brad Templeton #gsummit >>
* SU Global Summit #gsummit – Diamandis talks to Steve Jurvetson >>
* Philips Hue System Adds a Motion Sensor That Will Turn Your Smart Lights On Automatically >>

* IBM Watson AI Xprize #gsummit >>
* Daniel Kraft digital Health #gsummit >>
* Graphene Quantum Dots in Quantum Computing >>

* Democracy Earth Governance Singularity Grand Challenge Winner #gsummit >>
* New 3D Composites Could Help Store Energy for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles >>
* Unworkable Concept for Solar Express Space Train for travel at 1% of light speed – >>

* Daenerys May Make a Surprising Visit in Game of Thrones >>
* Siri And Alexa Don’t Sound ‘Real’ Now, But Technology Will Catch Up >>
* Track Three Trends In The 2016 Gartner Hype Cycle For Emerging Technologies >>

* The Great Semantic Divide: Virtual Reality vs. 360-Degree Video >>
* Facebook’s Trending Topics algorithm already screwed up >>
* Facebook’s AI plan to analyse your photographs: Firm says it will be able to check your health, analyse your meals and even let you shop from uploaded pictures >>

* Firm that beat Google and Uber to self driving taxis in Singapore plans to be running in 10 cities by 2020 >>
* The First Tinkering with Human Heredity May Happen in the Infertility Clinic >>
* Early human ancestor Lucy ‘died falling out of a tree’ >>

* Mark Zuckerberg will unveil his futuristic AI home assistant within weeks >>
* These eye-tracking heat maps show what people really care about >>
* Legendary Actor Gene Wilder Dies at 83 >>

* Dotcom allowed to livestream court hearing >>
* Let’s overanalyze the Apple event invite >>
* Surgeons want to attempt first ever head transplant >>

* Astronomers have picked up a strong radio signal from space — but it doesn’t mean aliens >>
* SaferVPN Basic: Lifetime Subscription >>
* Online Language Learning System ‘Fluent Worlds’ Plans VR Jump >>

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