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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 August 2016

* ‘Longest Living Human’ Says He Is Ready For Death At 145 >>
* Say hello to the Internet of Robotic Things >>
* MIT’s shape-shifting 3D-printed objects could improve medicine and solar-power >>

* Researchers Are Building a Tear Bank to Better Understand Why We Weep >>
* The sponge that can BOIL water using nothing but sunlight >>
* Artificial Intelligence Defined As A New Research Discipline: This Week In Tech History >>

* Innovation Needs To Shift From Disrupting Markets To Tackling Grand Challenges >>
* Singapore is the first country in the world to unleash self-driving taxis. >>
* Apple files Touch ID fingerprint patent to catch thieves >>

* Growing up in the intelligence era >>
* Medical device security ignites an ethics firestorm >>
* Will smart cities need AI to truly flourish? >>

* Some “Goldilocks” Planets May Be Too Hot-Blooded for Life >>
* This Weird Galaxy Is 99.99 Percent Dark Matter >>
* Resetting the Body’s Thermostat with a Molecular On/Off Switch >>

* How a Seed Collection Could Save Humanity >>
* Mind-controlled nanobots could release drugs inside your BRAIN: Tiny machines may help treat depression and epilepsy >>
* Mathematician solves the puzzle of the perfect parking lot – and says leaving your car at an angle is key >>

* Amazon Is Testing a 30-Hour, 75% Salary Workweek >>
* Flirtey flies pies for Domino’s in New Zealand >>
* Volkswagen’s 2019 electric car said to get 300 miles on a 15-minute charge >>

* 3-D printed structures “remember” their shapes >>
* Apple Patenting a Way To Collect Fingerprints, Photos of Thieves >>

* Mr. Robot’s mobile game is about the power and danger of texting >>
* Russia’s search giant is making a self-driving shuttle bus >>

* 5 ways beacons are transforming the enterprise >>
* The Price of Solar Is Declining to Unprecedented Lows >>
* MIT brainiacs triple the speed, double the range of Wi-Fi >>

* Ride-Hailing Crashes Triple In NYC As More People Turn To Apps >>
* 25 core chip designed for cloud applications >>
* Thought-Controlled Nanoscale DNA Robots in a Living Host >>

* CIA reveals Spacenet ‘AI in the sky’ that could constantly monitor activity on Earth via high resolution satellites >>
* The next 5 years for Apple? – podcast >>
* SpaceX cargo ship back on Earth after splashdown >>

* NASA: Earth is Vulnerable to Invisible, Microscopic Black Holes –“Universe is Filled with Primordial Black Holes Speeding Through Space Like Bullets” >>
* NASA/Hubble: “For Far-Future Milky Way Civilizations Evidence of Big Bang and Evolution Will be Erased” >>

* An Interesting SETI Candidate in Hercules >>
* Nextbigfuture liveblogging Singularity University Global Summit 2016 >>
* Giant micrometer sized atoms that are thousands of times larger than regular atoms >>

* Year-Long Simulation of Humans Living on Mars Comes To an End >>
* 100 Arrested In New York Thanks To Better Face-Recognition Technology >>
* The FACE of criminals could one day be revealed from their DNA >>

* Unfriendly skies: Piston engine aircraft pose a significant health threat >>
* Ford’s app lets you find and pay for garage parking >>
* The new wave of crazy gadgets >>

* Video Friday: Octopus Robot, Solar Drone, and Humanoid Neck Test >>
* DIY Emergency Button: Hack a Nike+iPod Sport Kit to Create an Elder Alert System >>
* Setting a Land Speed Record with a Sidecar Motorcycle >>

* Nanoscale Wireless Communication Operates at Visible Wavelengths for the First Time >>
* What’s It Like On Our Neighbor, Proxima b? >>
* Planets in the ‘Habitable Zone’ Might Not Actually Be Hospitable to Life >>

* This Weird Galaxy Is Actually 99.99 Percent Dark Matter >>
* How Surgical Theater Changes The Way Neurosurgeons Operate >>
* Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in September >>

* Startup’s software can find a photo that fits the mood >>
* Implanted microchips give Jedi powers to lifelong Star Wars fan >>
* Imagine a private, global super court that empowers corporations to bend countries to their will. >>

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