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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 August 2016

* HoloLens secrets revealed: Microsoft details its 24-core ‘holographic processor’ >>
* Ingenious Power Tool Uses Machine Vision to Make Perfect Cuts >>
* What Is The Great Rewrite? | Chapter 1 Of The Great Rewrite >>

* Edible Battery To Power Internal Medical Devices >>
* US Navy modifies bacteria to produce electric wire 60,000x thinner than human hair >>
* Google’s Daydream VR could debut in the next few weeks >>

* MIT’s smarter routers promise to fight crowded networks >>
* Parasitic Fungi Can Fuse A Nematode’s Gut Into One Cell >>
* Scientists Just Found Signs of Supernovae on the Sea Floor >>

* Crowded Wi-Fi Networks Could Soon Get Three Times Faster >>
* MIT Researchers Radically Boost Wi-Fi With Smart Routers That Talk To Each Other >>
* Meet Alrobot, Iraq’s New Anti-isis Weapon >>

* Watch a World Record Domino Tower Attempt Collapse at the Last Second >>
* Beyond Wi-Fi >>
* Braiding of Light >>

* AI’s Research Rut >>
* Parrot’s Disco Drone Lets You Take to the Sky in Immersive FPV >>
* Where the Tech Jobs Are: 2016 >>

* Drug-free IVF could be cheaper and faster way to get pregnant >>
* A bad night’s sleep messes with your brain’s memory connections >>
* Is this the future of cancer treatment? ‘Edible’ batteries could help power medical devices inside the body >>

* Boomerang uses AI to help you write emails people will read >>
* This all-analog DNA circuit calculates without going digital >>

* Engineered Bacterium Turns Carbon Dioxide into Methane Fuel >>
* Why Gene Tests for Cancer Don’t Offer More Answers >>
* Tesla makes its cars Ferrari-fast with super Ludicrous mode >>

* Staying cool with my new learning thermostat >>
* Probes in Orbit Spot Radiation Belt Zap from the Sun >>
* Microsoft Invents a Futuristic Tangible 3D Light Full Wall Display that could be designed for Xbox >>

* Tabby Star abnormalities in dimming are still consistent with Alien Dyson Swarm construction confirmed with 4 year Kepler data >>
* The Future of Healthcare Is Arriving—8 Exciting Areas to Watch >>
* How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Diagnose Mental Disorders >>

* For The First Time, Scientists Watched Brain Circuitry Work In Real-time >>
* Google’s Daydream VR reportedly launching soon with original YouTuber content >>
* New Experiment Finds Neutrino Oscillation Isn’t ‘Real’ >>

* Solar dish sets steamy thermal energy efficiency record >>
* MIT’s programmable routers let old network hardware learn new traffic tricks >>
* HoloLens’ 24-core chip; trillion operations per second. >>

* SpaceX Founder Set to Unveil Humans-to-Mars Plan in September >>
* This gadget turns your iPhone into a 360 camera, but it has some quirks >>
* Augmented reality power tool helps anyone craft things >>

* I Used This Amazing 3-D ‘Battle Simulator’ to Answer All of Life’s Questions >>
* Think It’s Hot Now? Just Wait >>
* NASA’s hopes for Mars and the future are at stake in the 2016 election >>

* Delphi and Mobileye Will Offer a Fully Self-Driving System By 2019 >>
* ‘Island 359’ Early Access Review: Welcome to Jurassic Park >>
* 25 Years Later After The Crash, Web and VR Are Finally Converging For Real >>

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