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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 August 2016

* MIT engineers human cells to store ‘memories’ in DNA >>
* Uber’s self-driving cars will pick up their first customers this month >>

* Restoring Fertility With 3d Printers >>
* A Map Showing Every Single Cargo Ship In The World >>

* IBM Scientists Imitate the Functionality of Neurons with a Phase-Change Device and each neuron update uses less than five picojoules >>
* White dwarf star Nova caught in the act which occurs every 10,000 to 1 million years >>
* Boston Dynamics Founder Marc Raibert and the SpotMini robot will be joining us at Disrupt >>

* HDR10 vs. Dolby Vision: The new TV format war >>
* Elon Musk says AI could inadvertently start wars: Herzog doc >>
* The Dark Side of Going for Gold >>

* NASA to Launch Asteroid-Sampling Mission in 3 Weeks >>
* Sea Anemone Proteins Might Help Reverse Hearing Loss >>
* This Paraplegic Man Used A Wii Balance Board To Stand Again >>

* Doubling battery power from lithium metal batteries for smartphones and other devices >>
* By 2021, combat lasers with hundreds of kilowatt power will demo shooting down ballistic missiles in the boost phase >>
* How to separate out semiconducting carbon nanotubes >>

* Darpa Wants A New Anti-drone Weapon By 2020 >>
* CNN is launching a drone-based news collecting operation >>
* Scientists solve mystery of deja vu – and say it’s a good thing >>

* This Hyperloop VR app is a good reminder of how claustrophobic Hyperloop pods will be >>
* T-Mobile shifts to unlimited plans in the latest bid to stand out from the competition >>
* T-Mobile’s New ‘Unlimited’ Plan Doesn’t Sound Very Unlimited >>

* Autonomous AI guards to stalk the internet fighting hackers >>
* Tiny, Soft Robotic Caterpillar Creeps, Climbs, And Crawls >>
* Adding a Gas-Powered Propeller Makes a Towering 360 Swing Even Crazier >>

* Fighting Poverty With Satellite Images and Machine Learning Wizardry >>
* Sloppy Spinal Stimulation Studies Scrutinized >>
* Could Proxima Centauri Be Our Interstellar Getaway? >>

* Supernova Ashes Found in Fossils Hint at Extinction Event >>
* Cooking Up Life In The Cosmic Kitchen >>
* Getting Ready for OSIRIS-REx >>

* China’s Scientists Propose the Human ‘Quantum Brain’ –“The Source of Our Dominance on the Planet: More Complex Than a Galaxy” >>
* Deus Ex’s cyberpunk future makes for a brilliant puzzle game >>
* Here’s a Clever Way To Hide Your Flatscreen TV >>

* What Comes After Solar Impulse? >>
* People with high self-control have a cunning approach to healthy eating >>
* Did A Current In The Rio Swimming Pool Give Some Swimmers An Unfair Advantage? >>

* The Retooled MacGyver Reboot Adds a Sense of Humor to All the Gadgets and Explosions >>
* Forget the chord. The Tesla Model S now has wireless charging >>
* Whyd announces its voice-controlled connected speaker for $299 >>

* Recording analog memories in human cells >>
* The robots of war: AI and the future of combat >>
* ScienceLogic acquires AppFirst to bolster its IT infrastructure monitoring service >>

* Facebook is building its own Steam-style desktop gaming platform with Unity >>
* miniPCR: Enabling the era of personal DNA >>
* The hack that lets you see everything you’ve ever watched on Netflix (and delete the dodgy selections!) >>

* World’s Smartest Physicist Thinks Science Can’t Crack Consciousness >>
* Robots will NOT destroy humankind, says Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook founder believes AI is a force for good >>
* These 5 Incredible HoloLens Videos Will Make You A VR/AR Believer >>

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