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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 August 2016

* Watch Hybrid Airship’s First Flight >>
* Solar powered drone can stay in air for 45 DAYS will be used to track terrorists >>
* Add Fresh Baked Baguettes to the List of Things You Can Buy From a Vending Machine >>

* Miniature Aroma Sensors Put A Nose In Your Pocket >>
* Minidrone provides eye in the sky for small boats >>
* Apple-plucking Robot Could Keep People Out Of Orchards >>

* DARPA looks for innovations to counter Small Unmanned Air Systems >>
* Hawking thermal radiation observed, confirms prediction on black hole thermodynamics >>
* GOAT Robot Leg Demonstrates Explosive Jumping >>

* Russia develops stealth ferrite material to protect tanks and planes against precision guided weapons >>
* DARPA seeks to shrink VLF wireless transmitters by 1000 times >>
* When DNA Differences Matter >>

* New way to purify carbon nanotubes could open way to low cost and large scale commercialization >>
* Look At These Adorable Newborn Lemur Triplets >>
* Nasa Will Pay $1 Million If You Can Make This Robot Ready For Mars >>

* AT&T wants big mobile players to form a 5G dream team >>
* AT&T ends data overages with new plans >>
* Nasa launches million dollar contest to create ‘Valkyrie’ AI robot that will accompany astronauts on the first mission to Mars >>

* Intel’s secretive Knights Mill mega-chip will challenge GPUs for AI domination >>
* Netflix is coming to more hotel rooms worldwide >>
* Pizza Hut’s playable DJ pizza box is perfect for DJ Khaled wannabes >>

* Giant non-diffraction limited space telescopes could make the 21st century when we see the entire observable universe in substantial detail >>
* Very large baseline optical astronomy >>
* LIDAR on a chip should be 1000 times cheaper and scan 1000 times faster to revolutionize self-driving cars, drones, and robots >>

* NASA’s Space Robotics Challenge: The Tasks, the Prizes, and How to Participate >>
* Helsinki Tries Self-Driving Buses in Real Traffic >>
* NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission Emerges from First Planning Stages >>

* “Super-Babies to a Quantum Portal to the Cosmos” –China’s 2016 Headlines Foreshadow Control >>
* Artificial Gravity In Space For Mice? Multi-Generational Study Concept | Video >>

* Stairway To Heaven! – Boeing Starliner Crew Access Arm’s ‘awesome’ Launch Pad Installation >>
* Intel’s Project Euclid is a RealSense module for robots >>
* Physicists Maybe, Just Maybe, Confirm The Possible Discovery Of 5th Force Of Nature >>

* Mars-Like Environment Lies Deep Beneath Earth’s Surface >>
* 15 Technologies That Were Supposed to Change Education Forever >>
* Light at the end of Intel’s Silicon Photonics: 100Gbps network tech finally starts shipping >>

* A Zombie Star Just Went Thermonuclear >>
* SpaceX and Boeing Are Getting a Parking Spot on the ISS >>
* 11 DIY Projects to Turn Your House Into a Smart Home >>

* Scientists Have Scanned Sting’s Brain >>
* Ants Have A Stealthy Way Of Shedding Unwanted Calories >>
* Autonomous buses take to the busy streets of Helsinki >>

* Could Cities Become Too Hot To Host The Olympics? >>
* How a VR board game helps its maker deal with phobia >>
* Tiny drone camera gives you a first-person view as it cuts through the air >>

* Spacex plans to use a lot more carbon fiber for lighter rockets as reusing stages justifies higher expenses for better rockets >>
* Ford and Baidu Invest $150 Million in Velodyne for Affordable Lidar for Self-Driving Cars >>
* Software For Self-driving Cars — No Gps Necessary >>

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