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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 August 2016

* Using artificial intelligence to create invisible UI >>
* New Startup Aims to Commercialize a Brain Prosthetic to Improve Memory >>
* Intel Made a VR Headset and It’s Totally Cord-Free >>

* Ford will mass-produce self-driving cars by 2021—but for sharing, not buying >>
* This Smartphone Sensor Lets You Peer Right Through Walls >>

* Taser With Built-in Heart Monitor Could Save Lives Of Those In Police Custody >>
* Complex electronics can be 3D printed at micron resolution which will enable cheaper smartphones and medical gadgets >>
* NVIDIA brings desktop-class graphics to laptops >>

* Intel’s Project Alloy will offer the first open-source, third-party ‘HoloLens’ headset >>
* Microsoft will bring holographic ‘mixed reality’ to every Windows 10 PC >>
* Microsoft fleshes out its Windows 10 mixed-reality roadmap >>

* Super-resolution 3-D microscopy images cells in unprecedented detail >>
* Nasa’s Mission To Sample A Killer Asteroid Launches In September >>
* Elon Musk’s Openai Continues To Poach Talent >>

* The Next Must-Have Smartphone Feature >>
* China Launches World’s First Quantum Communications Satellite >>
* I Mean 10th Temperature Record-Breaking Month in a Row >>

* Putting a computer in your brain is no longer science fiction >>
* Multiple Spacewalks Made For ISS Docking Adaptor Installation | Highlight Video >>
* Yes, NASA’s New Megarocket Will Be More Powerful Than the Saturn V >>

* Did Cirrus Clouds Help Keep Early Mars Warm & Wet? >>
* Google Fiber will deploy wireless internet at or near gigabit internet speeds >>
* Earth like exoplanet found around Proxima Centauri and it is in the habitable zone >>

* A proposed space telescope for quality viewing of earth sized exoplanets out to 45 light years and any object in the observable universe to 300 light year resolution >>
* Researchers Created A Star-galaxy Classification Framework Utilizing Neural Networks >>
* How a robot wrote for Engadget >>

* Lab-grown black hole proves Stephen Hawking’s radiation claims – physicist >>
* New Rogue One Trailer Reveals How the Rebels Find Out About the Death Star >>

* Mit Researchers Make Interactive Glowing Gold-leaf Jewelry >>
* China launches the first quantum communications satellite – and what is that, exactly? >>
* Ford to ship self-driving cars without steering wheels, brake or gas pedals by 2021 >>

* Better, faster, cheaper Internet may be coming to a town near you >>
* Elon Musk’s OpenAI will teach AI to talk using Reddit >>

* Intel’s Kaby Lake chips will include integrated 4K graphics processors >>
* Intel’s Euclid is a RealSense PC the size of a candy bar >>
* Google’s Hangouts On Air is moving over to YouTube Live >>

* Ford pumps up Velodyne; will double Silicon Valley team in a year >>
* CellRobot Is A Customizable Robotic Assistant >>
* Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 is the iPhone 6S Plus killer you’ve been waiting for >>

* Singapore rolls out video-enabled ATMs so you can chat with a teller live >>
* Oculus Rift will hit UK and Canadian retailers on September 20th >>
* Scientists can now explore cells in virtual reality >>

* Popular MITx philosophy MOOC introduces instructor grading >>
* Stunning animation shows the Earth’s ‘supercharged’ Van Allen belt as it is battered by the biggest solar storm for a decade >>
* 1 nanowatt powers wireless micromachine >>

* Nasa mission to save the Earth: Go-ahead for plan to capture an asteroid and drag it into orbit around the moon using electric propulsion >>
* Time-Lapse Of NASA Building A Rocket Fuel Tank Makes Humans Look Like Ants >>
* Windows Holographic Coming to Windows 10 PCs in 2017 >>

* Intel’s Project Alloy: A Mobile VR Headset With ‘Multi-Room’ Positional Tracking >>
* Hands-On: ‘Minecraft’ For The Oculus Rift Provides The Sense Of Scale VR Was Made For >>

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