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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 August 2016

* Meet the robot that delivers fresh towels and coffee at hotels >>
* Simple lab life makes an evolutionary leap in a few generations >>
* What No New Particles Means for Physics >>

* Our Inevitable Future: Conversation With Kevin Kelly About VR, Digital Socialism, And His New Book >>

* Michael Phelps Tied A 2,168-Year-Old Olympic Record >>
* XPRIZE launches AI 2020 competition with IBM Watson >>
* Mystery object in weird orbit beyond Neptune cannot be explained >>

* NASA Unveils Partnerships And Concept Art For Deep Space Habitats >>
* Elon Musk is working on a roof made of solar panels >>
* Neutron Stars Unite To Form ‘Pencil-Thin’ Radiation Beams | Video >>

* Massive Windows 10 Update Starts Causing Problems >>
* NanoRacks’ commercial space testing platform outside the ISS is now open for business >>
* Speedy cannabis spit test could spot people driving while high >>

* This Olympics photo was brought to you by a robot >>
* Adidas will open a new robot-staffed shoe factory in Atlanta in 2017 >>
* Eyefluence Is Bringing Eye Tracking Tech To The “Next Generation of VR Headsets” >>

* The AI-Powered Retail Revolution >>
* The Grand Canyon’s 1.2 Billion Year Old Secret >>
* The bandwidth bottleneck that is throttling the Internet >>

* Spacex Has Started Testing The Rocket Engine For Its Mars Colonial Transporter >>
* Spacex testing Raptor engine that will be three times more powerful than current Spacex engines >>
* Russia’s future nuclear energy plans and the VVER-TOI designs >>

* Sony sets PlayStation event for September 7th >>
* New imaging method shows how genes activate in the living brain >>

* GM-Lyft Self-Driving Taxis Could Launch in 2019 >>
* Simulation Accelerates Innovation >>
* EmTech MIT 2016 Preview >>

* Elon Musk Still Believes We’re Living In A Simulation, Others Aren’t So Sure >>
* Someday a Doctor May Prescribe a Virus to Restore Your Health >>
* This first-person view from a drone might be cooler than VR >>

* Williams to Become NASA’s Longest-Duration Space Flier >>
* How Locus Robotics Plans to Build a Successor to Amazon’s Kiva Robots >>
* Cassini Flyby of Saturn’s Titan Reveals Strikingly Earth-like Features >>

* New Doctor Strange and Luke Cage Trailers >>
* Colliding Galaxies in Stephan’s Quintet >>
* Massoud Amin on Smart cities and smart grids >>

* Oh God, Another Olympic Pool Turned Green >>
* The first 5 hours of No Man’s Sky changed my opinion of the game >>
* Augmented Reality Could Speed Up Construction Projects >>

* Have We Reached the Athletic Limits of the Human Body? >>
* Laziness is a sign of intelligence: Researchers say people who spend more time thinking are less physically active >>
* Startups are relying more and more on big companies to fund them >>

* NASA Wants to Build These Six New Prototype Deep Space Houses >>
* NASA dumps $65m into building deep space hutches for humans >>

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