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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 August 2016

* No Man’s Sky travel diary, day one: all alone on an alien planet >>
* The world’s lightest VR headset is impressive. Most impressive. >>
* Airlander Airship Leaves Hangar In Preparation For Flight >>

* AI’s Language Problem >>
* Your Technology Skills Crisis – See It Before It’s Too Late >>
* Protecting privacy in genomic databases >>

* UK Copyright Extension On Designed Objects Is ‘Direct Assault’ On 3D Printing >>
* Scientists Are Using Wormholes To Make Black Holes Less Weird >>
* Artificial Intelligence Saves a Woman’s Life >>

* Israeli Startup Innoviz Promises $100 Solid-State Automotive Lidar by 2018 >>
* Startup Nervana making Deep Learning optimized chip that trains 10X faster >>
* Can Ocean Plastics Make Homes For The Poor? >>

* The Hunt for Exotic Fourth Neutrino Comes Up Empty >>
* A Bose-Einstein Condensate Device Could Make Optical Computing Work >>
* 13 Cubesats will be launched to moon in 2018 including Skyfire and Lunar Flashlight which will look for lunar ice and other resources >>

* This high-tech indoor garden just made growing marijuana a lot easier >>
* Robotic legs could power up physical therapy for kids with cerebral palsy >>
* Space Mining Company Will Launch An Asteroid-surveying Spacecraft By 2020 >>

* Lenovo crams 48TB of SSD storage on a board >>
* Google Cloud Platform’s preemptible VMs are now up to 33% cheaper >>
* Developer makes app to cycle length of Britain without leaving his house >>

* A 17,000-Ton Oil Rig Ran Aground on a Beach >>
* Google rolls out Search Trends hub for the Olympics >>
* Google Maps for Android gets Wi-Fi-only mode and SD card download option >>

* Emotech takes $10M to build an AI-powered robot assistant >>
* What If Intelligent Machines Could Learn From Each Other? >>
* Human Brain is an Intuitive “Physics Engine” >>

* Bacteria Could Aid Search for Creatures On Other Planets >>
* Why the Universe Exists –“Evidence Mounts That Neutrinos are the Key” >>
* World’s Largest Aircraft is the Airlander 10 airship and it has left its hanger >>

* China and US Anti-submarine and Submarine arms race >>
* China nears completion of its domestic aircraft carrier and hangers for 72 fighter jets and 10-12 larger planes on manmade islands >>
* Can we reduce mass shootings by changing how they are reported? >>

* Have signs of Martian life been obliterated by meteorite blasts? Extreme pressures during impact may wipe out organic compounds, study finds >>
* Beyond “Pokémon Go”: Future Games Could Interact with Real Objects >>
* Deadly Bacteria Spread across Oceans as Water Temperatures Rise >>

* Oxygen levels 12 billion light years away are measured for the first time >>
* My job isn’t what I was promised. What do I do? >>
* Wilson X Connected Football turns practice into an epic game >>

* The First Footage From Arrival is Here, and It Looks Incredible >>
* They’re Officially Making Another Chronicles of Narnia Movie >>
* The Next Big Technological Revolution Will Be Polite >>

* Are the Aliens Trying to Extinguish an Entire Star? >>
* You can now play more than 2,000 Amiga games in your browser >>

* SpaceX releases gorgeous slow-motion footage of Falcon 9 rockets >>
* No Man’s Sky: everything you need to know before playing >>
* Delta Airlines Computer Failure Part of a Pattern >>

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