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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 August 2016

* This Sensor Can Be Implanted In Your Body and is the Size of a Grain of Sand >>
* Incredible Camera Zoom Basically Takes You to the Moon >>
* Machine Learning Is Helping Us Find The Genetics Of Autism >>

* MIT creates a chip that simulates the connection between nerves and muscle >>
* Stand-alone VR headset prices could drop with new Allwinner chip >>

* Three Zika Vaccines Show Success In Animal Models >>
* Olympic Athletes Try Zapping Their Brains to Boost Performance >>
* Artificial Leaf Scrubs Carbon, Makes Fuel >>

* One-dimensional Magnetic Atom Chain Forged >>
* NASA proposes asteroid redirect mission with ion engine 20 times more powerful than recent Dawn mission >>
* Toshiba makes 64-Layer 3D Flash for 32 gigabytes on one chip and will mass produce it in 2017 >>

* Netflix picks ‘Stranger Things’ scene for first 360-degree video >>
* The next Google Maps update could show how bad the parking is >>
* The Roomba 960 is iRobot’s cheaper app-driven robot vacuum >>

* Your future robot tattooist has steady hands, but isn’t great at conversation >>
* The Tesla Semi and minibus will be unveiled in 2017, Elon Musk confirms >>
* Abundant Oxygen Measured in a 12-Billion-Year-Old Galaxy >>

* Watch Astronauts Test Orion Spaceship Door for Future Mars Trips >>
* Beyond Pokémon GO: The Secret to a Better Augmented Reality Experience >>

* IBM Scientists Imitate the Functionality of Neurons with a Phase-Change Device that is All-memristive >>
* At Least This Lego Version of Suicide Squad Is Actually Worth Watching >>
* You Can Be the Curiosity Rover in NASA’s New Driving Game >>

* There’s Something Strange Happening at the Bottom of the Greenland Ice Sheet >>
* 3d-printed Mars Colonies Are Coming To The Mojave Desert >>
* Software Is The Last Obstacle To Fully Autonomous Vehicles, Elon Musk Says >>

* The 20 Most Earth-Like Exoplanets We’ve Found >>
* A Star Wars TV Series May Be Coming to ABC >>

* Windows 10 moves closer to smart-home centerpiece with big Internet of Things deal >>
* Why Our Brains Become Less Creative As We Get Older >>
* Watch the amazing moment a comet crashes to a fiery death as it passes past the sun at 1.3 MILLION miles an hour >>

* Baby macaques smiling reveal how we got our grin >>
* Feeling lucky? US Marines test machine gun wielding robot that can also throw grenades and even drag wounded soldiers to safety >>
* ‘Second skin’ will protect soldiers from bacteria, viruses and chemical agents >>

* MIT makes micro fluidic chip that replicates nerve muscle junction which enable testing for many nerve-muscle diseases >>
* Matrix is coming! ‘Neural dust’ lets you implant a wireless computer directly into your BRAIN and body >>
* Dust-sized wireless sensors could control prosthetics someday >>

* The smart stick-on tattoo that can monitor your alcohol levels >>
* Morning coffee, with butter and brain oil >>
* Cutting the Cord: 3 ways to live stream the Olympics >>

* The Absurd Luxury Of A Deluxe First Class Airplane Ride >>
* Don’t fly a drone while wearing a VR headset on the edge of a cliff >>

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