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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 August 2016

* Moon Express Approved for Private Lunar Landing in 2017, a Space First >>
* Next five years could see significant successes or failures for first major SENS antiaging treatments >>
* SAM Brings Much-Needed Robotic Assistance to Senior Living Facilities >>

* Everything That Makes China’s New Traffic-Straddling Bus So Fascinating >>
* Facebook Creates Giant Hardware Lab To Build Vr And Drones >>
* Flashy Wearable Patch Sees Under Your Skin >>

* Astronomers Are Working To Figure Out Why The Milky Way Has A Hole In It >>
* Study identifies 20 ‘second Earth’ candidates with potential to harbor life >>
* New MIT tech lets you mess with objects in pre-recorded video >>

* Google’s Alphabet Goes in on $700 Million Effort to Cure Illnesses With Electricity >>
* The Closest Supernova Since 1604 Is Hissing At Us >>
* Antimatter Acquisition: Harvesting in Space >>
* China’s Space Scientists Warn of Extraterrestrial Danger –“Universe is a Jungle with Every Civilization a Hidden Hunter: Those Who are Exposed Will be Eliminated” >>

* Battery-Free Wearable Patch Can Help Monitor Health >>
* Future farming pavilion reboots the veggie patch >>
* China’s straddle bus has been built and is starting road testing, the cost is claimed by 10 times cheaper than a subway >>

* Nih Is Testing A Potential Zika Vaccine In People >>
* Will micro-moment strategies bolster wearables’ future? >>
* Microsoft’s Excel API, which lets developers access data stored in spreadsheets, hits general availability >>

* Japan’s latest humanoid robot makes its own moves >>
* Immune cell therapy inducing complete remission in some cancer patients and improved t-cell therapy could work for most patients >>
* Thirsty Brain Organ Tells Us When To Drink And When To Stop >>

* YouTube’s subscription service keeps your kids’ videos ad-free >>
* ACTIVEx Coordinates Your Group Workouts >>
* Prepare for a World of Sexy Grocery >>

* As Robots Are Able To Do More Jobs, What’s Left For Humans? >>
* Phase Change Co-Processors Extend Memory Technologies To Computing >>
* Lear plans to ship a modular unit to let cars talk to smart cities and other vehicles >>

* Yahoo’s new AI has your back when it comes to online harassers >>
* Research: Innovation Suffers When Drug Companies Merge >>
* Tesla batteries are the latest in expensive real estate enticements >>

* 8TB Drives Are Highly Reliable, Says Backblaze >>
* Can wearables transform the construction industry? >>
* Rock-melting lasers could reveal how Earth-like planets form their protective magnetic shields >>

* The radical ‘flexible’ quantum computer that can be reprogrammed with lasers >>
* Don’t Expect a Private Hospital Room if You Get Sick at the Olympics >>
* Quantum computing race heats up as trapped ions rival microchips >>

* Rock-melting lasers could reveal how Earth-like planets form their protective magnetic shields >>
* Private mission 2017 to send lander to the lunar surface in historic move paves way for space tourism and asteroid mining >>
* Dinosaurs suffered from arthritis too! 70 million-year-old hadrosaur fossil shows its joints were covered in bony growths >>

* For Elon Musk, star-touched vision and messy reality collide >>
* Programmable quantum computer can solve simple algorithms, scientists prove >>

* A 7-Circle Roundabout Looks Like It Should Be Pure Hell But Somehow Works Seamlessly >>
* This volcano in Nicaragua is going to be connected to the internet >>
* Google’s latest Maps experiment turns the Himalayas into a 3D playground >>

* How the DNA Revolution Is Changing Us >>
* Medical benefits of dental floss unproven >>
* The ‘Google of China’ Is Launching A New AR Platform For Smartphones >>

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