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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 August 2016

* NHK will have first Super Hi -vision 8K broadcast of Rio Olympics >>
* Microrocket will launch 100 ties per year by 2021 >>
* Marines Test a towed, catault launch UAV >>

* Over 1000 robots break world record with synchronised dance routine >>
* Delphi to Test Self-Driving Taxi Service In Singapore >>
* Hololens Developer Edition Available To Anyone Now >>

* Io’s Atmosphere Just Collapsed >>
* Smart toilets that analyse your poop and ultrasonic baths that 3D scan your internal organ >>

* HoloVit wants to let you watch and create holograms in your home >>
* Drones will begin delivering blood and medicine in the US >>

* 800 Viruses That Threaten the World [Video] >>
* Peter Thiel Is Very, Very Interested in Young People’s Blood >>
* China’s Road-straddling Bus Takes First Test Drive >>

* Virgin Galactic gets FAA license to start flight-testing its spaceplane >>
* IBM Says New Chip Can Filter Blood For Signs Of Cancer >>
* Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with iris scanner >>

* Robots Are Getting A Sense Of Self-doubt >>
* Anybody can now buy Microsoft’s $3,000 HoloLens >>
* Google Play Store 6.9 lays the foundation for app streaming, VR purchases >>

* How to watch the 2016 Rio Olympics >>
* Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner lets you pay with your eyes >>
* NASA’s mission to visit asteroid that may hit Earth launches September >>

* San Francisco is testing an algorithm that sets bail >>
* How to watch the Olympics without paying for cable TV >>
* Snapchat lets the people have Geostickers >>

* Rocketbike that will attempt Evel Knievel’s failed rocket launch over Snake River Canyon revealed >>
* Slow-motion replays can make juries FOUR times more likely to convict someone of a crime >>
* The ‘temporary tattoo’ that will warn you if you are too drunk to drive >>

* UK begins funding and developing new Successor nuclear submarine for planned 2028 delivery >>
* Windows 10’s Anniversary Update arrives >>
* New Navy Tech Makes It Easy to Land on a Carrier. Yes, Easy >>

* Everest VR is not like climbing a mountain, and it shouldn’t have to be >>
* Alphabet will begin testing its delivery drones inside the US >>

* A Rocket Booster Falls Back to Earth >>
* Colossal Void, a Dead Zone Discovered in Heart of the Milky Way –“Requires a Major Revision in Our Thinking” >>
* Sun-Like Stars Generate Magnetic Field in Unexpected Way >>

* The Evolution of Antimatter Propulsion >>
* These Moving Time Lapses Are Made with Just a Single Still Photograph >>
* Geek deals roundup: 512GB SSD, Harry Potter, and more >>

* Here’s an Idea: Hold the Olympics in Multiple Cities at Once >>
* Uber has served 100 million trips in New York City >>
* Japan starts 8K TV broadcasts in time for Rio Olympics >>

* Windows 10 Is Still Free: This Loophole Works >>
* If you missed Mr. Robot’s VR experience during Comic-Con, it’s back online >>

* Peering back in time: Spooky hisses heard from space reveal a famous exploding star’s past life >>
* White House explores ambitious uses for drones >>
* Watch the New TV Spot For Star Wars Spinoff Rogue One >>

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