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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 July 2016

* Ultra-flat circuits will have unique properties >>
* Unlocking the potential for ultra-lightweight and flexible 3D-printed metallic materials >>
* Cheats beware! Revolutionary gene doping test will be used at the Olympics for the first time >>

* Robotic Onesie Assists Babies at Risk for Cerebral Palsy >>
* Three Dwave 2X quantum computing machines installed outside of Dwave and each has over 1000 qubits >>
* Stem cell injections reduce scarring during bypass surgery and possibly increase survival of patients with surgery >>

* The 2016 Top Programming Languages >>
* Most Americans Are Still Wary Of Becoming Superhumans >>
* Clones Age Normally, So Relax >>

* There’s Something Very Strange Surrounding This Galaxy >>
* The EPA Has Finally Realized Jet Exhaust Is Bad for the Planet >>
* New technique can reveal subcellular details and long-range connections in the brain >>

* Disrupting Meditation: Can An App Really Teach Mindfulness? >>
* First American to Receive Double Hand Transplant Wants Them Removed >>
* Hydrogel and nanoparticle surgical microbots >>

* Roach Milk: The Next Superfood? >>
* Twitter for Android gets a “Night mode” >>
* Facebook Frees Its VR Camera to Push 360 Video Everywhere >>

* How marketers and brand managers can prepare for the cognitive era >>
* Thrifty gene variant adds to obesity in Samoa >>
* Meet RoBattle, the seven ton self driving robot tank that can kill on command – and even down crouch to hide from enemies >>

* Here come the clones! Four identical copies of Dolly the sheep are still healthy after nine years >>
* Keep your food fresh using PLASMA: New technique can extend shelf-life of fruit and vegetables by killing bacteria >>
* This fabric can repair itself and neutralize toxins >>

* Americans Are Wary about Body-Enhancement Technologies >>
* We’ve got a SPINNING halo: Hot gas in the Milky Way’s outer circle rotates at a dizzying 400,000mph >>
* New Zealand to wipe out all rats as part of alien eradication >>

* ‘Pokémon Go’ downloads top 75 million >>
* This solar-powered plane FINALLY made it around The world >>
* Solar Impulse Just Completed Its Momentous Flight Around the World >>

* Amazon partners with U.K. government to test its drones >>
* An Electric Corvette Could Destroy a World Record—Again >>
* ‘The Hubble Cantata’ Weds Live Music with VR Views of the Cosmos >>

* The Pluto Discovery Telescope Needs YOUR Help >>
* 1.2 Million Galaxies Dot Largest Ever 3D Map >>
* Revisiting the VCR’s Origins >>

* America’s Best Days Are Not Behind Us >>
* Martian Colonists Could Be Genetically Engineered for Democracy >>
* Puzzling a Sky over Argentina >>

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