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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 July 2016

* Verizon Announces $4.8 Billion Deal for Yahoo’s Internet Business >>
* New 3d Movie Screen Could Let Viewers Ditch Glasses At The Theatre >>
* Vibrating Boots Could Help Astronauts Stay On Their Feet >>

* Nasa Welds Together 1st Sls Hydrogen Test Tank For America’s Moon/Mars Rocket – Flight Unit In Progress >>
* Mars 2020 Rover Mission to Cost More Than $2 Billion >>
* New Tech to Find Cheaters at the 2016 Olympics >>

* Visit MetaWorld – the virtual world that exists after you leave >>
* Brain Training Cuts Dementia Risk a Decade Later >>
* Google’s Omnitone surround sound project brings us closer to web-based VR >>

* Most powerful obesity gene yet boosts risk by 40 per cent >>
* Universal ancestor of all life on Earth was only half alive >>
* One giant leap for ROBOTS: Machines that walk, swim and climb will replace humans on future space missions >>

* Apple Has A New Overseer Of Its Secret Car Project >>
* Scientists Are Closer Than Ever to Growing a Tomato That Ripens But Doesn’t Rot >>

* Do we really want drone delivery? >>
* “Alien Nightmare Raining Liquid Iron and Glass” –Hubble Space Telescope’s 1st Direct Image of an Exoplanet >>
* Nintendo shares plummet after investors realize it doesn’t actually make Pokémon Go >>

* US Air Force creates Space Mission Force to prevent war in space >>
* Super-fast magnetic motor keeps tiny satellites on track >>
* New chemistry could overcome key drawbacks of lithium-air batteries >>

* A.I. Mirror Turns Your Reflection Into A Picasso Painting >>
* The new US aircraft carrier and its planned F-35 fighter will both not be truly combat ready until after 2020 >>

* Self-Assembling Protein Nanostructures Created from subunits up to around a total assembled mass of 200,000 carbon atoms and the size of some human cells >>
* CERN’s Large-Hadron-Collider Discovery of the Higgs Boson –“Points to an Unstable, Collapsing Universe” >>
* Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow >>

* Windows 10 Anniversary Update Proves Why PCs Aren’t Dead >>
* How Lyft’s Driverless Car Network Will Change Our Cities And The World >>
* Nanomaterials Begin to Blur the Lines Between Industrial and Hobbyist 3D Printing >>

* Marissa Mayer Says She’s ‘Planning to Stay’ at Yahoo >>
* By 2040, computers will need more electricity than the world can generate >>

* Veeso wants to share your smiles and eye-rolls in VR >>
* Everything the Discovery Can Tell Us About the New Star Trek Show >>
* Stem cells grow cartilage to fix hips >>

* Engage podcast has the whole Comic-Con Star Trek panel for your listening pleasure >>
* Watch How Special Effects Made Game of Thrones’ Season Finale an Explosive Masterpiece >>

* Slow Progress to Better Medicine >>
* Clinton launches app designed to gamify campaigning >>
* How Many Suns Can a Planet Have? >>

* Magic Leap demo in China shows augmented reality shopping >>
* This ‘placenta on a chip’ mimics the real thing >>
* Did Neanderthal baby brains develop like ours? Skulls of ancient cousins may have grown in a similar way to modern humans >>

* We’re discovering new ways to detect if someone is lying >>
* Step inside Apollo 11’s command module: Stunning new Smithsonian 3D scan using a TRILLION measurements lets you take a virtual tour (and reveals how tiny the capsule really was) >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>

* We may be about to solve one of the biggest mysteries in the universe >>
* Transistors will stop shrinking in 2021, but Moore’s law will live on >>
* The world’s largest amphibious airplane was just unveiled in China >>

* Google Maps is testing a Wi-Fi-only mode to help users save data >>
* The year that virtual reality took over Comic-Con >>
* The Russia-linked election hack is a sign of things to come >>

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