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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 July 2016

* Whole-brain imaging method identifies common brain disorders >>
* Researchers use neural networks to turn face sketches into photos >>
* Tricking machine vision and image recognition >>

* Police Want to 3D Print a Dead Man’s Fingers to Unlock His Phone >>
* Researchers Look At Ancient Poop To Discover The History of Infectious Diseases >>
* Should You Quit Your Job To Go Make Video Games? >>

* Engineered bacteria deliver an anti cancer tumor toxin in mice before self-destructing >>
* Transistors Will Stop Shrinking in 2021, Moore’s Law Roadmap Predicts >>
* Solar Impulse 2 takes off the final leg of its round-the-world flight >>

* Scientists cut ‘Gordian knot’ in human genome >>
* Advanced 3D printed titanium enables lighter, stronger, complex parts for J-20 stealth fighter >>
* Facebook’s internet-beaming drone completes first test flight’ >>

* Russia vs US bomber competition in 2020s will still mainly be upgraded B52 vs upgraded Tu-95 >>
* Google will try again by developing a new standalone combined VR-AR headset >>
* Chlamydia vaccine shown to be widely protective in mice >>

* Japan is about to test out plans for a real-life space elevator >>
* Manufacturer of explosives acquiring Flyboard Air creator which envisions many flying platforms >>
* Researchers reverse menopause and enable ovaries to release fertile eggs >>

* New 7 Tesla MRI coil offers higher resolution, shorter scan time >>
* Regulators know how bad human driving is and will push ahead with imperfect automated driving >>
* Algiers told us they want a robot to scratch their backs at Panorama >>

* ‘Pokemon GO’ Actually Gets Way More Fun After Level 20 >>
* Laser-Armed Martian Robot Now Vaporizing Targets of Its Own Free Will >>
* This solar-powered home security cam is truly wireless and 100% green >>

* Two Nearby Potentially Habitable Planets Are Rocky Worlds >>
* How Fast Is Earth Moving? >>
* The Moon’s Mare Imbrium Was Hit By Protoplanetary Size Impactor >>

* Looking For Canada’s Next Generation Of Space Explorers >>
* Video Friday: BratWurst Bot, Facebook Drone, and Powerline Ape >>
* Tesla’s Autopilot May Have Saved A Life >>

* Transhuman scenario is nearing with IVF booming in China, embryo selection based on cellular characteristics and China’s first human CRISPR gene editing >>
* Silicon Nanoparticles Provide Biocompatible Solution to Cancer Detection and Treatment >>
* Canada bionic knee brace stores and returns energy to help soldiers lift over 100 pounds >>

* How to Turn Music Into Colors With a Wi-Fi Bridge >>
* Silencing Transformers with Numerical Simulation >>
* New cancer gene-drug combinations ripe for precision medicine >>

* Rappler | Rob Nail: a sci fi future now >>
* NASA releases new video showing the globe age one year >>

* Six vehicles powered by coffee, saltwater, sewage and other crazy fuels >>
* Eye-tracking software can gauge your intent and boredom in VR >>
* IoT Is Changing How Businesses Work And Driving New Processes >>

* First drone pilot jailed for flying contraband into UK prisons >>
* 1,000mph rocket powered car set to take to test track for the first time >>
* Researchers find ‘irrelevant’ scribbles in Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook >>

* The Brain Sees Faces Everywhere >>

* ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ gets its first teaser at Comic-Con >>
* The New Cbs ‘star Trek’ Series Is Called ‘star Trek: Discovery’ >>

* The First Wonder Woman Trailer Is Even Better Than We Could Have Imagined >>
* The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Coming to Netflix (Updated!) >>
* The Second Doctor Strange Trailer Finally Shows Us Some Real Magic >>

* The Flash Season 3 Trailer Reveals How Badly Barry Messed Up Reality (It’s a Lot) >>
* The Legion of Doom Will Menace the Legends of Tomorrow in Season Two >>
* You Have Not Been Exposed to Joker Gas, The Lego Batman Movie Trailer Is Just That Funny >>

* Game of Thrones Has a Blooper Reel and a Much-Too-Early Look at Next Season >>
* Lucifer Meets His Most Fearsome Adversary Yet in this First Peek at Season Two >>
* The Next Episode of Preacher Features the Character Everybody’s Been Waiting For >>

* Kong: Skull Island Looks Like the Apocalypse Now of Giant Monster Movies >>
* Here’s the Suicide Squad Teaser That Just Rocked Comic-Con >>

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