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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 July 2016

* Facebook’s Internet-beaming Drone Flies For The First Time >>
* Fastest commercial production drone flies at 70 mph, teraflop processor for automated flight and will cost $1300 >>
* Watch One Year Of Earth From A Million Miles Away >>

* Last VCR maker will stop production >>
* Pepper and Asimo get married! Softbank and Honda join forces to develop robots and ‘mindreading’ cars that know how drivers are feeling >>

* Hubble Gets First Peek at Atmospheres of Rocky Alien Planets >>
* Sensors, Peripherals to Dominate Wireless by 2021 >>
* Gorilla Glass 5 could save your next phone from drops >>

* AI Drives Startup to Map Deep Learning Computer >>
* An engineered protein can disrupt tumor-promoting ‘messages’ in human cells >>
* BIG PICTURE; 2016 Republican National Convention >>

* IAM Robotics Takes on Automated Warehouse Picking >>
* The Man Who Invented Intelligent Traffic Control a Century Too Early >>
* Artificial receptors kill cells infected with HIV virus that causes AIDS >>

* Titanium-gold alloy that is four times harder than most steels >>
* New Concentrating Solar Tower Is Worth Its Salt with 24/7 Power >>
* Tesla plans to makes it factory 10 times more productive within ten years by reinventing the robotic factories every two years >>

* New nanomaterial mimics cell membranes >>
* Musk’s new master plan for Tesla >>
* Why partially automated cars should be deployed in ‘light-duty vehicles’ >>

* Space launch of a roll up solar array set for spring of 2017 and will boost power and reduce weight of space solar power >>
* Tiling Chiplets will be used to shrink a cricuit board into modular chips >>
* Brazil’s High-Tech Drug-Testing Lab Reinstated Two Weeks Before Olympic Games >>

* Precisely controlled levitation of nanodiamonds could bring advances in sensors, quantum information processing >>
* Zuckerberg’s A.I. Butler Learns When To Make The Toast >>
* How Livestreaming Video Could Change The Face Of Justice >>

* Homeland Security Company Wants To Sell Hoverboards To The Military >>
* Watch This New Rocket Material Crack Under Almost A Million Pounds Of Pressure >>
* Which Time Travel TV Show Remake Should You Watch, Time After Time or Frequency? >>

* What Happens When You Get a Perfect Score on Pac-Man Will Blow Your Mind >>
* The 10 TV shows that everyone is buzzing about at Comic-Con >>
* 6 ‘star Trek’ Technologies That Exist Today >>

* Status Report: 7 ‘star Trek’ Technologies Under Development >>
* Google Gets Rid Of App Launcher In Chrome 52, Browser’s Mac Client Gets Material Design >>
* This VR Platform Invites Users To Have Virtual Sex With Real Performers >>

* Stem cell-based cartilage could fix your broken hip >>
* Google now uses machine learning to make reading comics on phones easier >>
* AI needs oversight time to set standards for autonomous tech >>

* Can AI Develop Empathy? >>
* Watch Facebook’s internet-shooting solar plane take off >>
* How will smart cities avoid data overload? >>

* Researchers develop connected stitches that transmit patient health data >>
* Google Maps is turning its over a billion users into editors >>
* How Context-Fueled AI Is Putting The Jetsons To Shame >>

* Minecraft Is a Testing Ground for Human-AI Collaboration >>
* Reducing wait times at the doctor’s office >>
* AI adoption coming quickly to the enterprise sector >>

* Now You Can Hide Your Smart Home on the Darknet >>
* Pew! Pew! Pew! Mars Rover Curiosity Can Now Fire Laser On Its Own >>
* Mark Zuckerberg reveals his personal ‘AI butler’ already controls his home and makes his toast every morning >>

* Move over Oculus: Samsung may be working on secret ‘Odyssey’ virtual reality headset >>
* Hubble telescope looks back in time to see far-off galaxies >>
* Scientists Map Nearly 200 Areas in the Human Brain >>

* The end of an era: Japan will make its last-ever VCR this month >>
* The Pokémon Go-Map project reveals the location of every Pokémon around you >>
* You can soon call on Amazon to bring you lunch in a hurry >>

* What is the Marital Status of Americans by Age? >>
* This Video Explains Why Streaming Technology Needs A Major Upgrade For VR >>

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